OIO Publisher Exclusive Review

I finally decided to ditch Adsense from this blog. After 6 month testing I figured that Adsense was not a great choice for this type of site anyway.

So I looked around for some self-serving platforms and found OIO Publisher. Before that I used Google’s Doubleclick For Publishers but their interface was not very user friendly plus no self-serve option available. I don’t know about you but I like things hands-free 🙂

So I decided to give OIO Publisher a try and found it to be extremely easy to set up. I installed it as WordPress plugin so it took like literally 10 seconds to have that thing running on my blog.

After installation I had to create some Ad Zones and figure out pricing. Right now I decided to have only 3 spots for advertisers but that might change in the near future.

Once you install it there is going to be an admin area where you can set up all your ads, pricing, view stats etc.

This is the screen you will see after you activate it

It gives you automatically the link you send people to to buy ads from your website. Everything is pretty much hands-free after you set things up. Of course you still might want to approve them before they go live which is probably not a bad idea.

The first thing you want to do is head over to “Settings” area and start creating Ad Zones for your website.

Here is how the settings navigation menu is set up:

You can sell text ads, banner ads, Inline ads, and even posts 🙂 You can also completely customize the theme of your purchase form so it matches your site.

I only set up banner spots for mine but as you can tell the possibilities are impressive.

What I really like about OIO Publisher is that it does everything automatically.  It integrates with Paypal, Authorize.net, 2Checkout, Alertpay, Google Checkout, EntreCard, and you can also take offline payments if you want. I am only using Paypal and Authorize.net with my set up though.

You can also set it up so the advertisers can’t actually pay before you approve their creative first.

Here are more features that I like:

– Add “Nofollow” attribute to all outgoing links

– Default banner ads (to fill in empty ad spots)

– Disable ad zones with one click of a button

– Automatically updates your order form when you add more Ad Zones

– Provides live stats to advertisers

– Sales stats for the admin

Over all I like OIO Publisher and I am happy with their product. If you are running a site with some decent traffic you might want to consider installing it and start selling Ads directly to advertisers instead of dealing with another middle man.

If you are already selling ad space on your website or blog and don’t have it automated like I do now 🙂 then you should definitely try this out.

By the way if you use this coupon (SPRING11-PAWEL) you can get $10 off – Click here to grab your copy

The software only cost like $47 and there are no monthly fees to use the plugin. They also have a standalone platform in case you are not running on WordPress. You can install this on any static website you own.

Why would you use OIO Publisher? It’s simple, to make more money! If you sell ads directly to advertisers you can charge more, plus you don’t have to split it with anyone else.


4 thoughts on “OIO Publisher Exclusive Review

  1. Thanks for the coupon. I am going to try this out on my health site. I get at least 4-5 emails from people every week wanting to advertise on my website so this can automate things for me. Looks really good

  2. OIO Publisher sounds great! However I found that you do actually have a fair bit of coding to do in the index.html file and some of the php files I am a little confused as I do not understand all thisn stuff Will OIO install for clients.If not do you consider posting further5 on the specifics of this ncoding at set up. Best Regards Greg

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