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If you want to achieve your goals much faster then you need to outsource anything you can. Outsourcing is the biggest shortcut to success believe it or not. I remember when I first started in this game, I freaking hated writing articles and just do everything by myself. I would build all these sites from scratch and it would take so much time it was ridiculous. As soon as I started outsourcing I started making more money.

I still remember when I posted my first project on Getacoder for article writing. I was kinda skeptical at first, but later on I realized how much time I was saving and how lucrative outsourcing can be. I mean I was now getting 10 times as much content for my sites than previously and that’s just with 1 writer. Now I have a few people that write stuff for me and I don’t have to really do anything besides updating this blog 🙂 All my other sites are fully outsourced.

The fact is that without outsourcing your business is destined to fail nowadays. You need to stay on top of new trends and timing is everything. If you do it all by yourself you won’t get too far, simple as that.

Another very important thing is that with the power of outsourcing you can tap into all kinds of different niches that you wouldn’t be able to profit from otherwise. You can develop products on topics you don’t know anything about. Hiring experts to write content for you is so easy now. Did you know there is a site at RTIROnline.com where you can find all kinds of experts on topics you probably didn’t even know existed.

For example just a quick search on RTIROnline.com got me this:

So there I have just found an expert on how to prevent cancer with his contact information 🙂 There is also ExpertVillage.com (Ehow.com) where you can also find many great experts for hire. So now you could hire one of them and get an interview or possibly get them to write some piece of content for your membership site etc.

Outsourcing is truly powerful and you should get into it as soon as possible if you want your business to grow rapidly.

How about software development? Do you think that some of the gurus who sell software coded it themselves? Hell no. They hired a coder to do the dirty work. With hiring coders it gets a little tricky though. If you don’t know how things work you might get into a hot water and lose a bunch of money, so I would proceed with caution. The best way to start is with a small application project so you can get to know the coder a bit better and decide if you want to hire them for bigger projects or not. This is how I do it anyway.

The point is that you need to outsource all your tasks and everything you can’t do yourself. I know that at the beginning it’s hard to do because your cashflow might not be substantial enough to cover the initial costs, but try to outsource at least content writing so you can free up some of your time, that you can spend on marketing instead.


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  1. Great post Pawel. Outsourcing is the key to success. When I started outsourcing my articles my income went up dramatically.

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