Pay Facebook For Access?

I read an interesting article on Techcrunch the other day about Facebook buying Instagram. They paid little over 1 billion dollars for it which is quite a big number (I wouldn’t mind depositing it to my account lol).

The big internet giants fight for every little piece of the web and we will probably see more companies getting bought out for big payouts in the future. I am telling you…building platform type websites is where the money is at.

What actually got my attention is the calculated value of a single Facebook user. According to Techcrunch it’s between $4.69 and $4.81. That’s impressive to say the least considering they now have over 901 million users across the globe.

So you are worth about $4.75 to Facebook. Would you pay that much to access your profile on FB?

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if they offered some kind of premium features.

What would I pay for?

1. Ability to turn of the ads – The ads targeting my profile get really annoying sometimes. I always get the dating offers! So if I could turn that off and maybe use that space for something else like custom widgets would be cool.

Imagine if you could add some cool stuff to your right sidebar on FB for your friends to see. That would be awesome.

Some cool widget ideas: Best friends, My Shopping List, Hangouts, Polls etc.

People could follow your widget content just like they subscribe to your wall updates. Yeah, that would be a good premium feature.

2. Customization Of Your Profile – Would be nice if they allowed you to somehow customize your wall to some degree. Not like Myspace used to do, but just some little stuff.

Facebook might not like this feature though because it could be bad for their brand. If you landed on a profile with a different background and things out of place it would quickly devalue their usefulness. But I think there is room for some small stuff to be added that would give you more control over your profile.

3. Video Conferencing – I would definitely pay for that if you could host a video meeting with at least 5 people. That would be a very useful tool on FB in my opinion. Sure there are other tools out there but they cost more plus not everyone is using them.

Most people are already on Facebook so integrating video chat would fit in nicely.

There are of course many other features that they could offer for $5 but I think FB doesn’t want to go premium.

What made them so big is the fact that their platform is free and they continue to add more and more functionality.

If it wasn’t free they wouldn’t have 901 million users that they can advertise to. Facebook says that they probably won’t be doing any more acquisitions but I think they will.

If another creative app comes out that gets millions of users I bet they will be interested. If some new search engine popped out of nowhere with a solid potential and new technology they would probably be all over it.

Facebook keeps on growing and Google is scared shitless.

The above screenshot of Alexa rankings says a lot. Facebook is catching up to Google. Maybe that’s the reason why we are experiencing all these new changes by the big G. They desperately trying to stay on top.

Google has an advantage though by owning Youtube. I included their stats in the above image too. Youtube is basically the second largest search engine. If Facebook wanted to get closer to G they need to make some more acquisitions in the future.

Anyway, rolling out a premium Facebook account is something they might do down the road once they win the war with Google, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Google just released their share button as well. Now you can not only give +1 but you can also hit share and stream the content directly to your followers on G+.

I do like the fact that Facebook is giving Google run for their money, but as long as G controls search traffic I think they will continue to dominate the marketplace.


2 thoughts on “Pay Facebook For Access?

  1. I’d like to say that I wouldn’t pay for Facebook access and would just switch to another free social networking site, but the reality is that as long as it wasn’t too much (probably $5/month would be my cut-off), I’d cave. Really, I’ve been on the site since 2004 and all my friends are there – unless that changes, I’m in.

  2. I think a lot of people would pay just to show their friends they have a paid account lol Same mentality like with the FB games. People spend money on the in-game items just so they can win and prove their friends they are better.

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