Perspectives On Online Business Trends in 2012

2012 is expected to be a big year for online businesses. Despite the economic problems that will plague much of the world, online businesses are expected to grow and flourish according to many business experts, economists and analysts.

There are many perspectives on what one should expect for online businesses in 2012. While these vary greatly, some of these viewpoints are echoed by many who seem to be those in the know. The following are just some of these perspectives into what seems to be the biggest upcoming online business trends in 2012.

Rewards Programs

People love something for nothing, and they still love it even when that something is actually costing them money. This is why rewards programs do so well. People may think they are getting a free large popcorn, but they really had to buy ten full price tickets at the cinema to get it.

Since these programs are so appealing and do well already, expect to see many more of them from online businesses. This may also branch out to start including more special deals for “member” as well.

Social Involvement

Many businesses online and off have already harnessed the power of social media for marketing. As social media remains ubiquitous, these companies online are going to continue to use social media to their advantage.

This means that there will be more ads and sponsored content on these social media sites. As social media itself continues to evolve, these ads will start looking more and more like the rest of the site’s content.

Additionally, online businesses will be more engaged on social media. Aside from just interacting with customers and fielding customer service requests, they will start using these sites more and more to do marketing research. By monitoring conversations on social sites, these online businesses will do more strategic sales, ad placement and more to match what their customers are talking about.

More Mobile

As the internet gets more and more mobile with the pervasiveness of smartphones and tablets, these online businesses will make sure they are mobile too. This means that more sites will undergo redesign so that they look good on a laptop at home and on a smartphone on the go. This will also lead in and uptick in mobile sites.

More and more online businesses will create mobile applications for popular platforms. These branded apps may not be shopping portals, per se, but they will offer tools and services that users want to assist with brand exposure.

Additionally, as mobile payments grow, online businesses into money are going to be more actively investing in growing this industry. PayPal and Google wallet are trying to get in on the action, and many banks are also following suit.

Online businesses realize that they need to get completely mobile-friendly, and many are realizing that 2012 is the time to do it, if they haven’t done so already. Online has moved far beyond the desktop, and for online businesses to survive they need to keep up with the world’s growing mobile demands this year.

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