Plimus and thieves

Plimus is a legitimate company that allows people to sell digital products kinda like Clickbank, but maybe less popular. The problem is that digitial product thieves found Plimus to be their new home.

I got an email in my spam box today about some product I knew from Clickbank so I opened it. It said it came from the owner of the product and I knew that was B.S. but anyway for a good laugh I actually read it and clicked on the link inside the email thinking it would take me to the origial product. Well instead it took me to the same sales letter but on a different domain name where the person was taking payments through Plimus for a product they didn’t own! LMAO

Here is what’s going on. Recently everytime there is a new product launch on Clickbank thieves buy it and start selling it themself on Plimus while violating copyrights. They simply swipe the entire original sales letter, register a similar domain name, list it on Plimus and start spamming people’s email addresses that they either bought or stole as well.

This is totally illegal and Plimus should pay more attention to what people are listing in their marketplace. People that do that should pay fines too. Stealing someone else’s work is not right. Why can’t you create your own product? I mean how hard is it?

Copyrights are being violated on massive scale on the internet and it hurts all of us, because it’s just a matter of time before the authorities drop a big hammer on all of this and making money online won’t be as easy as it is now. Imagine that you need to pay license fees to sell stuff online and be a legally registered business. It would create a huge barrier for people to start their own business online, and trust me new laws are coming. I am sure they are working on it.

I imagine Plimus has no way of checking if the person listing the product in their marketplace has actually created it or has rights to sell it, but if someone complaints they should shut the person down and bann them forever from selling products through their platform.

It’s a serious crime to sell products you don’t have rights to! Sharing stuff is also illegal but maybe not as serious as selling it for profit. They wouldn’t do that to a big company cause they know they could go to prison for that, so they prey on other people who actually take action and try to build their business.

Totally lame!


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  1. I’ve also come across a couple of those and have notified the product owners, sometimes having to do a LOT of research to find contact info. Sadly, not one of the owners bothered to contact me back or try to get the product shut down.

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