Real Time Paid Traffic Stats For One Of My Campaigns

So I thought it would be cool to show you that it’s still possible to make money with affiliate offers even though cost per clicks seem to be getting higher every year. If you know the tricks everything is possible 😉

I have been running some paid traffic to an offer that is getting me $2.40-$3.50 EPCs (varies each day). My clicks are costing me less than what I am making after some optimization, so the campaign is producing a nice steady income pretty much hands-free right now.

I made a video of my real time “spy view” from Prosper202 for this campaign. It’s 20 minutes or so worth of traffic.

Here it is:

And if you wonder how much it produced here is my stats for that entire day.

You couldn’t see any conversions there because it usually takes 3-4 minutes for the pixel to fire and the screen was moving too fast, but you could see the LP CTR.

I guess it’s not bad and it just shows that with a little bit of effort, split testing, and optimization you can definitely build yourself a profitable campaign.

I really want to scale this right now because I know what works but not every traffic source will produce quality clicks so I have a lot more testing to do, but now it’s phase 2.

It’s all about CTR in this game, so you need to make your ads strong and attention grabbing.

Go out there and build your own!


5 thoughts on “Real Time Paid Traffic Stats For One Of My Campaigns

  1. I was on the verge of buying your last wso, when you pulled it! I think it might be a good idea to warn your subscribers by sending them an email that there is only 12 or 24 hours left in future. I totally agree that paid traffic is the way to go, it seems that google is heading for paid insertions into what was free organic traffic for page one, if so, seo will be dead, only the big shots will be able to afford the insertion fees!

  2. I said I wasn’t going to keep it running for long. Paid traffic is the way to go now. Doesn’t mean you have to buy it from Google, but you should learn paid traffic strategies as soon as possible.

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