Retargeting Advertising – Affiliates Beware

Retargeting advertising or also called remarketing is a very useful strategy for merchants to bring back the visitors that didn’t buy their product the first time. There are many retargeting networks such as, Google remarketing, and few others. It’s actually very effective and if you are selling your own products you can increase your sales dramatically.

Anyway, how retargeting advertising could hurt affiliates? Well couple of days ago I landed on a salesletter for a Clickbank product. Closed the page and was hoping not to see it again :) but when I went to I saw the banner for that product, so I knew right away the vendor was using retargeting. The network that the vendor was using was actually Anyway, I clicked on the banner and noticed (through the status bar) that the previous cookie was overridden. I went back to double check that, and yes the vendor was conviently stealing affiliates commissions. What a douche bag!

How does it work? Simple, the vendor installs a piece of code from the retargeting network on his salesletter and then the visitors you sent that could have bought later through your link now were redirected back to the page through the vendor’s affiliate link. This is a serious problem. I am not sure if there is anything you can do about it either. It’s hard to prove something like that.

Now that’s only one I spotted by accident, but I wonder how many merchants are already doing this? You as an affiliate have to be very careful when promoting other people’s products. This could be happening to you right now!

I am not going to reveal which CB product was doing that, but I did report it to Clickbank. They haven’t responded yet, so I am not sure what they are going to do about that. Honestly, this totally sucks for affiliates.

That’s just plain stealing


10 thoughts on “Retargeting Advertising – Affiliates Beware

  1. Dude, that’s crazy! I wonder if it’s illegal. I need to check my campaigns and test this out. This is some bullshit.

  2. Wow what a crock of shit lol. I hope for your sake and mine there’s more legit vendors on CB out there. They probably had a piss poor launch, but either way CB vendors shouldn’t do that, they need to respect their affiliates that line their pockets.

  3. Thank you for pointing to this crucial issue. I wonder how other affiliates feel about it. It has to be a way to fight it.

  4. I’m not sure what sucks more. The clickbank merchant or you for not telling us which merchant is doing this so we can stay away from them.

  5. It was one of those products using a pen name in the E-business & E-marketing category of course. There is no way to tell who owns it. Only Clickbank knows really.

  6. Some affiliates may take this lightly but I certainly do not, the vendors that do this sneaky underhand stuff are not only stealing commissions they are stealing affiliates time, effort and possibly expence to send customers to their site in the first place. As an affiliate myself I would have hoped that there should be an agreement between Clickbank and vendor for the vendor not to be allowed to do this,receiving your email about this has really pissed me off. A vendor should also realize that a customer that an affiliate sends to a website is the affiliates customer not the vendors because the vendor would never have had that customer if the affiliate had’nt sent that customer.

  7. Ronald, the vendors are not allowed to do any type of stuff that might prevent affiliate getting paid their earned commission. They could get banned permanently from CB for that and even sued. But the fact is that retargeting advertising if used ethically could increase conversions for the affiliate by quite a bit. The only problem is that some of them might use it to override the cookie and I don’t know how Clickbank is going to deal with that or how they will even detect that.

  8. This is totally accurate. I have been an affiliate for some time for a certain company. They started retargeting and my commissions fell by at least 60%. I had to completely change they way I send traffic to them. If this doesn’t work, I will be sending my traffic to their competitor.

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