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Slightly different to email marketing or an email newsletter and the normal version of blogging, an email blog is the combination of the two. Instead of a blog you create a single one page squeeze page where you collect emails to build an email list; the normal practice is to give away a great valuable resource like an eBook. When you are building up your list you email your list with what can only be described as a blog post.

Instead of writing a post and adding it to a blog you send it to your email list, and you do this regularly. People love receiving valuable information, and that is what you do, similar to a newsletter but without so many promotional emails and a lot more quality content. The normal industry standard for a newsletter is 50% content to 50% promotions.

Many marketers now only seem to send out emails when they find a product to promote. With this system you provide 80% content – 20% promotions or maybe 90%-10%. This might sound bad when you want to make money on-line but there is a reason for this which will reward you nicely.

The main idea behind email blogging is that you provide seriously good content. A bonus of email blogging over normal blogging is that it is easier, cheaper and quicker to implement. After writing out your post you paste it into your email broadcast and hit send. There are no SEO tricks required, you don’t need any images unless you choose to have them. You don’t need to create internal links to other posts or external sites, again unless you decide to.

However saying that, having a link back to your site or squeeze page in your email is very advantageous, imagine you got a fantastic email with an idea about an online business that you wanted to try and you knew people who might be interested, you probably would forward it on. Your quality email blog posts could go viral or at least be passed around a bit which could get you more subscribers.

Unlike the usual email marketing methods this is all about giving ideas and methods that work, things that people would like, the idea is to get people looking forward to the email arriving, waiting desperately to see what great ideas or advice are in the email.

Obviously you can also run a regular blog if you choose to; you can link to the squeeze page and get people to sign up for your special members only email blog.  Having a blog is a great way for people to see that you are an authority and a name within your niche, not just some random squeeze page that is floating in cyber space belonging to an unknown person.

You don’t have to add blog posts regularly, as long as it is updated enough for new and existing visitors to see that the site is alive and that you are adding valuable content to the community. What your blog should really do is get as many more people as possible to sign up for your email blog.

This is what you need to do

  • Buy a domain and hosting (Hostgator)
  • Create a one page squeeze page (Optimizepress)
  • Create a giveaway list building product like an eBook or video
  • Set up an autoresponder (Aweber)
  • Create 10 quality follow up emails
  • Create another report, eBook or video to sell (or promote someone else’s quality product)
  • Rinse and Repeat

The set up.

First you need to get a domain for your site and hosting, Hostgator is one of the preferred services as the support and security is outstanding and they use cpanel with the easy to install WordPress system that saves you so much time and money.

Creating squeeze pages used to be the job for the techies, but with Optimizepress you can do that very easily. It is a paid for premium WordPress Theme but comes with so many user friendly functions and easy to follow videos that anyone can create smart looking squeeze pages fast. Optimizepress also allows you to create a blog and a membership area of the same site.

Create a 10 – 15 page report as your incentive or a short video tutorial to get people on your list.  You may be seriously generous and give away a complete eBook or video tutorial series showing someone how to do something from start to finish. Takes some creating but works really well.

Next you write 10 follow up emails, these are to be the longer than normal emails that you probably get, cram them full of great tips and ideas, give the reader a reason to appreciate the email. Set them to go out every week at the same time.

You will need an email autoresponder service to store and send out all your blog posts automatically. The industry standard is Aweber, in Aweber you can create the email capture form that needs to be on the squeeze page where you start to build your subscriber list. Aweber will take the email details then send the new subscriber to your free eBook or video.

Keep adding new emails to the system so that they build up, when new people sign up to your list they will get the emails in the sequence from the beginning.

The next step is to promote products but as stated earlier you do not promote the usual Clickbank stuff every week. You do less promoting and you chose your products wisely. Ideally you would create another product of your own and charge up to £17 or $17.

This is great for seeing how many of your list are buyers, if you have your own product with your name over it and you have been giving them great information for the last 10 weeks they are more likely to buy your product than one from some random guy. They have come to know and trust you, so why should they doubt the quality of your product.

You then create a string of follow up products; you may decide to go with the £17/$17 range for everything. Some people have done very well by offering loads of quality reports for £5/$5 or £7/$7 every month. Imagine each month you sell 100 small eBooks or reports at just £7/$7. You would have made £700/$700

Please remember though, the important thing here is that you first and foremost provide quality useful information for your subscribers.

It is basic business practice, keep your customers happy and your customers will keep you happy. And by far the best way to keep your customers happy is to provide a great service and user experience and they will reward you by spending their money with you.

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3 thoughts on “Running a Members Only Email Blog

  1. Cool stuff, I definitely need to get into email marketing and start building a list soon. I am getting nice traffic to my site from Youtube right now but I don’t capture emails yet. Wouldn’t it be better to publish the article also on your blog? because sending full content in the email seems to me like a lost opportunity for people to share it with others through social media and stuff.

  2. Hi, BK, thank you for your comments and questions. Email has been tested and many of the top marketers if not all of them still think email has a far better response rate than any other method, also email subscribers believe you are sending them valuable information in an exclusive members club.

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