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After getting like 50 emails promoting Ruthless Income product I decided to review the thing and show you what’s actually behind the scene. The sales video is all hype and doesn’t really reveal what the product is about, or what exactly you are going to be doing after you purchase Ruthless Income.

I didn’t have anything else better to do today so I figured I could write up something for you and give you the specs so to speak.

Creators: Jamie Lewis and Adeel Chowdhry

Price: $47 (or $37 if you close the page and use the discount)

Launch date: February 2012

Official Site:


Ruthless Income is sold through Clickbank and their sales video tells nothing. The only thing Jamie says in the video is that you too can make tons of money like he does 😉

Well, to be honest I almost wrote a negative review about this product but after a few minutes of browsing around I found some extra videos that made this review sort of neutral.

So first of all, I am going to show you their sales process and what you should expect after buying it before you reach the members area.

Ruthless Income Sales Funnel

After I paid $47 I was presented with an upsell for $247. It was another sales video of course and it offered so called “ready-made” campaigns. I am guessing those are affiliate campaigns but not sure because I haven’t bought it.

It also offered full support and everything you need to get them working.

If you pass on this offer you get a $147 downsell which I believe is for the same thing. I actually strongly recommend that you do not buy this upsell, because without knowing what the heck you are going to be doing it makes no sense for you to spend that kind of money.

The next upsell is for his one-on-one coaching and it’s also $247. Jamie knows his stuff so if you want to test him on the coaching offer go ahead.

After you hit the “No Thanks” link you will be redirected to the members area where you will find another upsell for a “free” website.

Do not get the free website because you will be sucked into another hosting bill. Basically the creators made a deal with a hosting company to get you signed up for their “free website”, but I can tell you from experience that these sites do not produce results like you would hope for. (It’s a waste of money if you ask me)

So now let’s look at the members area of the Ruthless Income product.

The first thing you are going to see is the “Welcome Video” from Jamie. Right below that he has a webinar video outlining different money making systems that you can use to generate income.

He talks about different methods such as:

– Making money selling domain names

– Freelance arbitrage

– Making money doing IM reviews

– Selling websites on flippa

– Becoming a vendor on Clickbank

– Selling stuff as an affiliate (list building and blogging)

By the way, right above the video there is link to register for his live Webinar that will happen on February 15th.

When you scroll down after watching the recorded webinar video you will see a section with “Special Bonus Videos”

I actually thought that those videos were the main product which kinda made me think like I was wasting my time here.

Basically the “Special Bonus” videos talk about real basic stuff like setting up your Aweber, Hostgator, and Godaddy account. Then he shows some Photoshop tricks and how he sells a website on Flippa.

After going through that I was like WTF?!

Then I realized that they were making changes while I was browsing the members area at the same time and the main videos were not visible.

Anyway, when you scroll down to the bottom you will see another section that looks like this:

They offer a built-in hosting solution for your blog (affiliate site). I guess you could redirect a domain name to it but if I were you I would setup my sites on separate hosting that I own. To be honest I wouldn’t use that option at all.

I like their little niche finder section that gives you ideas about different niches worth getting into.

And as you can see there 2 bonus downloads at the very bottom that have nothing to do with the main course.

So after refreshing the page a few times I finally saw the main videos. There are 2 modules and total of 3 videos. Jamie talks about stuff that works, but the problem I have is that he didn’t really give any actionable steps to implement it. Maybe that’s going to be talked about on the Webinar but so far the way it’s set up is not very user friendly.

I can see how people are going to get totally lost after buying this and won’t know what to do or how to get started.

By the way, if you already have some experience in IM then I am almost certain you won’t see any value in this. But you know what? A lot of people know about everything but they don’t actually do anything.

Anyway, when I thought I was done reviewing the thing I saw 2 links at the top of the members area that linked to “Extra videos”.

If I didn’t notice those 2 links to extra videos I would have given the Ruthless Income a negative review. When you click on them you get access to something like 90 videos.

The first page has over 50 webinar videos with some good value in them. I can see how newbies will benefit from them.

The second page has over 34 videos from his DVD sets where he talks about some of the methods from the main basic videos in more detail.

So what is my conclusion about Ruthless Income?

The members area is quite big and as I said earlier people will get lost and not know what to do. If they added some step by step “action plan” it would definitely help.

The main question is “Is there enough value for $47?” The answer is yes if you are just starting out. The only upsell that might be worth your time is the one-on-one coaching. The other 2 are probably not worth getting.

The sales video is hyped up but at least Jamie is a real person and not some paid actor like you have seen before on Clickbank.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that you won’t get rich tomorrow, next week, or the next month after becoming Ruthless Income member.

If you are able to pick out some of the gold gems out of there and actually implement them then buy it. On the other hand if you are looking for an easy way out and hope for miracles then don’t even bother.

Hope this


18 thoughts on “Ruthless Income Review

  1. Thanks for this Pawel. I got an email about this too. Jamie’s stuff is usually good, so I might actually buy it. I agree that the sales video doesn’t tell you anything about what the product is. Would be much better if they just said exactly what you are getting and what it’s all about. I guess since it’s on Clickbank I am not risking anything.

  2. I actually liked the sales-pitch video, because I thought Jamie was legit; or so I thought that was his angle. Now I’m not so sure. I was under the impression that this had to do with a software called something like the Parallel Profit Puller which you didn’t mention at all. If I decide to do affiliate marketing, I’d prefer the product to be a software or software suite. I have zero intention of blogging manually or setting up numerous websites manually, etc. I was led to believe that the software for this product would allow me to quickly reach around $200 dollars a day selling as an affilate. That would be fine with me, as I had no intention of being a vendor, creating products, flipping websites, or any of the other things you mentioned above besides affiliate sales. Did you see the software mentioned in the pitch at all? Did you forget to mention it? I sure don’t want a hundred videos to watch. I’d just like to learn how to use a software that would let me quickly quit my job. Guess right now I’m undecided, or should go for Greg Jacobs Monster Mage, or Alex Shelton’s VanquishX. Maybe even that Affiliate Cash Snipers by Michael Rassmussen looked good. Anyway Pawel, thanks for an honest review; you may have saved me money and disappointment. Lemme know if you can tell me any details of the software that’s supposed to be part of this.

  3. I didn’t see any software :O The only thing I can think of is their blogging platform that is hosted on their domain name.

  4. I guess you missed the point I was trying to make. I don’t mind “working”, but I intended on working the software or software suite that would do the heavy lifting for me. I surely don’t want to waste time and money doing repetitive, laborious nonsense that doesn’t make profit relatively quickly. Doing non-productive, boring, and fruitless work and tasks seems to be a well known fact of the IM world from what I’ve read and watched. If that’s what IM is, then I’ll stick to driving a taxi 12 hours a day for less than minimum wage rather than frustrate myself at home. The pitch for this product emphasized a software, and you’re telling me there is none. See, now that’s a problem, not for you, but for Jamie and Adeel, because it diminishes their credibility in my eyes. Anyway, thanks for the reply Pawel.

  5. Tim, I understand your frustration. I have made my share of mistakes in the past, but the “repetitive” and “laborious” tasks actually produce results if you have the motivation to keep at it. The only way you are going to make money relatively quickly is if you got something to sell that people can pay for with Paypal. It could be a service or your own product. There are affiliate networks like RapBank, JVZoo, or WarriorPlus that you could use to promote stuff and get paid instantly. But you need traffic. No software can generate traffic for you. If you got money then buy it from Ad Networks. Learn conversion tactics and how to create killer presell pages. Then drive traffic to them and test. You can definitely learn conversion techniques from Jamie though. He knows how to sell 😉

  6. “now that’s a problem, not for you, but for Jamie and Adeel, because it diminishes their credibility in my eyes.”

  7. hey there. I am one of your silent readers. I read alot of your articles but this is the first time i’ve commented. I find your article really informative. I became your subscriber since i’ve bought your amazon software. I know you talked alot about amazon affiliate marketing, cpa and such but currently what is your biggest money maker and it would be nice if you post an article how’s you journey from start till now.

  8. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Mainly I run content sites that are monetized with ads and affiliate programs. But these sites actually provide value and non of the content is automated or scraped.

  9. was really interested in getting this for all of the video, but i’m looking for proven systems that are already working that i can simply copy, send traffic to, or model.

  10. Michael, the reason why nobody is going to do that is because there are hundreds of affiliates who already know how to get sales for these guys. They have lists and just send promos to them. It’s a numbers game.

  11. here’s how it works. you have to get on these guys’ radar. in order to get on their radar, you have to produce. you have to sell their stuff and make them money…. or you could hang out at the im conferences and buy one a drink, get him drunk, pick his brain and maybe he’ll be your friend. sit with the guy and ask him, “what are your 3 biggest challenges in your business?” if you can help them eliminate that challenge, he or she will be more likely to work with you.

  12. That’s exactly how it works, but the problem is that sometimes they expect you to promote a dodgy product. So the question is: Do you join them and grow fast while pushing sh**t to your subscribers from time to time, or do you continue the hard way while being able to sleep at night?

  13. I appreciate your feedback. Focus on one thing and if it gets you results scale it! Scaling is not as easy as it sounds though because there are things you just can’t scale. You need a business strategy, a plan that keeps you busy for 5-6 months.

  14. this is unrelated to the subject. what plugin are you using that allows an image to show in google search next to your description without having video on your site?

  15. Now that is what I call a REVIEW! Thank you Pawel for such an objective and honest assessment of this system. You’ve saved me $$ and more importantly, time and frustration. I really dislike when guys say they’re going to show you a ‘simpler way’ to do something then yak at you endlessly with half disclosed details that are long on “flash” (cars, $$, big houses…), then throw endless amounts of “information” at you without action steps and finally try to up-sell you . I don’t mind investing a reasonable amount of time or money in something that actually does what it says it’s going to do with information overload, just haven’t found that “thing” yet.

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