Salty Droid Makes An Impact

I am sure many of you are aware of the Salty Droid blog that exposes some of the darkest secrets of internet marketers out there.

To be honest some of the stuff posted by Salty is mind blowing but also some things were taken out of context and to me it looked more like a personal vendetta against successful marketers or internet marketers in general. (but I could be wrong)

(I have to admit I don’t like when people try to sell me motivational stuff. To me it has no value at all, but that’s just me. Some people like that)

There are plenty of sites where customers can post their complaints already like Ripoff report,,, FTC website just to name a few.

I don’t know about you but setting up a blog specifically just to trash people’s names is not something anyone should get involved with in my opinion.

Salty Droid’s site does make an impact on the internet marketing world though. Some claimed he has no reach and that “he is just a pimple” on their butt 🙂 But I think Salty is here to stay and his Alexa rankings speaks for itself.

Let’s see who has posted about Salty Droid so far

Here are some links I found:

Those are just a few sites that I could find by doing a simple search on Google.

From my observation it seems like Salty Droid site is against many of the sales tactics used by marketing gurus. Salty did say that he has nothing against high prices as long as it delivers the value and the offer is transparent.

The sales tactics used by most marketers are nothing more than just sales tactics. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it’s cool to lie on your sales letter, but using scarcity is not a crime as long as what you are saying is true.

The worst kinds of products are those that promise you’ll get rich with some kind of software “clicking a few buttons” 🙂 Stay away from those.

Anyway, there are companies in the offline world using fake scarcity tactics on us right now. I posted about Subway franchise that did that with their TV campaign not too long ago.

Oh and did you know that they teach how to manufacture scarcity at Universities if you are studying marketing and sales?

If you walk into Walmart and pay close attention to product packaging you will find many blatant lies as well. For example, hair products for women have models with beautiful hair and what women don’t know is that most of them are fake wigs or photoshopped pictures. It does make them buy though 🙂

Companies use these tactics to sell as many products as possible. That’s the ultimate goal for any business.

The problem is that when you apply the same tactics to sell “make money” products they are more visible and seem very cheesy.

Now let’s talk about the actual products being sold. I have discovered that you can’t please everyone, it’s impossible. Some people will say that the product they bought from you delivered some good info for them that they can implement right away, but some will say there was nothing new and they want a refund.

Also a lot of people who buy make money products do it because it’s a temporary solution to their problem, kinda like drinking alcohol. They feel good about clicking the buy button and being able to download the product. That process in itself makes them feel good, but after a few minutes they realize there is work involved and they feel scammed.  There are also people who buy products knowing that they will need to put in some work to make things work. Those usually are action takers and there aren’t many of them out there. It’s sad.

There are also a lot of haters out there too. It’s a hard to swallow fact but people are jealous of one another. If they see someone being extremely successful they would love to see that person fall. That’s the worst kind that I try to stay away from. They feed on that and it provides them an excuse for their failure.

The bottom line is that when you sell anything, you will have some customers who are not satisfied with your product. There will be people complaining about you on the internet no matter what you do to satisfy them. If you look at you will notice most complaints are against companies you know and probably use right now, or buy products from. Some are very reputable brands.

I always try not to worry about what other people are doing and just concentrate on running my own business. That’s the most productive thing you can do for yourself. Try that.

Here is a cool video for you 🙂

I really would love to see everyone succeed. Get a plan and stick with it. You don’t have to buy “make money” stuff if you are willing to do the research yourself.  When I buy internet marketing products I think of it as paying the author for the time he spent creating it and doing all the research for me. If I can find couple of things worth implementing I feel like I got my money’s worth, but to do that you need an existing business and most people don’t have that already in place.

I am not criticizing the Salty Droid site. It’s his right to express his own opinion, but my question is how is this going to help YOU build a business?

If you need some motivation watch this video below instead of spending thousands of dollars on some motivational courses. If that doesn’t motivate you I don’t know what will.

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Take action!


4 thoughts on “Salty Droid Makes An Impact

  1. I used to read Salty Droid blog but after a while it got old. I do go there once in a while cause some of the stuff is funny but that’s about it. I can’t imagine doing what he is doing though it would be such a waste of time for me. When you read negative things all the time it makes you not want to do anything productive.

  2. In my honest opinion Jason Jones aka Salty Droid is nothing but a guy who either failed at being an entrepreneur and now is just taking his anger out on successful marketers, or someone who just doesn’t like successful people in general and just wants everyone to be miserable like him. What’s actually funny is that since he started running his worthless blog full of negativity the marketers he supposedly exposes are making more money than ever before. Jason Jones should concentrate on reviewing Clickbank products that promise riches with “just a few clicks of your mouse”. The people who run these scams are totally under the radar and use pen names on all their sales letters giving the entire industry a bad name. So while SaltyDroid is bashing the wrong people the Clickbank scammers are getting away with “robbery”. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion here because this comment would be voted down on his blog.

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