SellHealth Affiliate Network Review

I signed up with SellHealth affiliate program and I must say I am impressed with their new platform and overall with their affiliate network.

SellHealth is formerly known as They totally redone their new look and tracking system.  They claim on their website that each offer they put on their network is tested for conversions before they roll it out to affiliates. I kinda like that actually.

I have seen offers on other networks that simply don’t convert and they basically use their affiliates as guinea pigs.

My application was approved within 48 hours and I didn’t even have to call them to get it approved like with some other CPA networks.

So let’s check out what’s under the hood 🙂

When you first login you will land on the main interface which shows your stats, important announcements, Top 3 offers for the last 60 days (very cool), and what I noticed they have a section with tips and training for new affiliates.

Most affiliate networks do not offer any training whatsoever. They basically want to work with experienced affiliates who have money to spend on advertising. So I like how SellHealth is actually stepping up here and providing some good tips and guides.

There are some very good tips inside their training materials which I suggest you to read if you decide to join them.

Their training consists of 5 modules:

–  Your Quick-Start Guide: The Fastest Way To Start Earning Commissions Via The SellHealth Network

–   Purchasing Traffic With Google Adwords

–   Search Engine Marketing for Affiliates

–   Writing To Sell: A Copywriting Guide For Affiliates

–   The 7 Marketing Strategies Most Commonly Used By Six-Figure-Income “Super Affiliates”


Each module includes about 5-14 reports on related topic.

SellHealth has some nice reporting features as well. The main screen looks like this:

Good reporting is important for any serious affiliate. You can embed you tracking IDs with all your links plus you get credit on all sales generated from your exit console traffic.

The only thing I didn’t find which would be useful is the ability to upload your tracking pixel on the offer’s thank you page.

Now let’s take a look at SellHealth offers.

Right now they have 9 categories and those are: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Hair Products, Weight Loss, and Free Trials.

Some offers appear twice in different categories but most are hot sellers. A lot of them are from very reputable brands with a lot of sales volume which is important for an affiliate.

You want to promote products that do a lot of volume because then it’s easier to sell them. They create this viral effect and people search for these products on Google and other search engines, so if you know how to create good review sites and know how to rank them it would be easy for you to make some great commissions.

If you look at the sidebar of this blog you can optin to my newsletter and get 3 killer reports from me for free. One of them shows exactly how to promote these offers step by step.

When you click on one of the offers inside SellHealth you will automatically have your affiliate link generated. They provide some info on the product as well which is cool. You want to know what your target market is, and what are the main benefits of the product you want to promote.

On the offer page inside SellHealth you can click on the “Get Advanced” button next to your affiliate link and insert your tracking ID from there.

It’s going to look like this:

Each offer comes with quite a few already done for you banners you can use so that’s always good.

You can also contact your rep right from your members area if you have any questions or problems.

Overall, I like how this network is set up. If you want to get into the health market then SellHealth is definitely a network you want to join.

If you don’t know Health products produce some of the highest conversions in the industry because they sell themselves. They provide a solution to people’s problems and attract desperate buyers.

SellHealth has some really awesome payouts compared to other networks. You could easily earn thousands of dollars just with this network alone.

Anyway, go ahead and try them out. Sign up and start driving some traffic to their offers. It’s all about taking action 🙂


4 thoughts on “SellHealth Affiliate Network Review

  1. SellHealth is a great network. I got paid from them before. They pay on time and their conversions are quite impressive. I also use MarketHealth and MoreNiche. If you want to sell health products then it’s important to be a member of all these networks in my opinion.

  2. SellHealth is great! Like the previous poster stated, I have gotten paid on-time every month. If I have a question, I can contact my affiliate manager Bruce anytime. I am going to promote this more. I am working on my site adding more original content. Google seems to like it, so I will keep plugging away. Nice article. You give very detailed information about SellHealth’s Affiliate program!

  3. Hi, Joined SellHealth sometimes ago but still trying to make sales. Do you think I should set up websites under one domain to promote their products? Do I setup websites or blogs to promote the products? How do I drive traffic to my websites or blogs? If I set up websites, do I need to setup home page to link the articles, banners or videos?

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