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I have been playing around with SEMRush keyword tool for the past couple of weeks and the more I use it the more I like it. I have to admit that it provides some great keyword research data. If you are an affiliate who is trying to rank sites on Google then this keyword tool can seriously help you.

SEMRush offers different account options such as Enterprise, Guru, and PRO. For most affiliates the PRO option is more than enough. The cost is about $70/month but it’s well worth it in my opinion.

You can do some serious spying using SEMRush because they allow you to research a specific domain name.  If you want to find out what keywords your competition is targeting and where they are ranking then SEMRush is the tool for the job.

The search function works quite fast too so you get your results almost instantly which is really cool. I hate keyword tools that take minutes to load the results I need.

Anyway, once you get an account you can do 2 types of research. You can type in a keyword phrase or you can type in a domain name you might want to spy on.

When you type in a keyword phrase and hit search it will bring up 3 keyword research reports (Main Keyword Report, Phrase Match Report, and Related Keywords Report)

So let’s do a quick search for “electronic cigarette” keyword phrase.

The first thing we get is the Main Keyword Report that displays keyword summary, top 10 phrase match keywords, top 10 related keywords, organic results, and Adwords data (if any).

So for the keyword “electronic cigarette” the summary we get looks like this:

Here you can also choose country specific results if you’d like.

Further down the page we can view other reports which we can expand and drill down even deeper for each keyword phrase we want to target.

Below that you can find current top 20 organic results. You can instantly click on each domain and get more info about them and what other phrases they are going after.

All this data can be very useful when you are building niche affiliate sites. By spying on your competition you basically avoid all the guess work and can easily find the most profitable keyword phrases in your niche.

Obviously you still need backlinks to get your sites ranked, but using SEMRush you can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Now, let’s do a search for a specific domain name to see what reports we get.

In this example I am going to search for “”…  😉

Here are the results:

When you make a search for a specific domain name you get a nice overview of their traffic, competition, and keywords they rank for.

After I click on “Full report” I can get a nice list of high traffic keywords that is targeting. What’s even cooler is that I can see the exact url that ranks in the serps and get more specific data on that particular post John made.

For example:

Here I highlighted the phrase “how to make a girl fall in love with you” and by clicking on the url info I can see more keyword phrases that this post is ranking for.

As you can see SEMRush has some really powerful features that can give you a huge advantage over your competition in the serps.

I like the fact that you can research a specific url and not just the domain name you want to spy on. Overall it’s a great service I am going to be using more in the future for some of my own sites.  I can easily find the right keywords to target plus analyzing their data simplifies the process of structuring your content pages.

SEMRush is definitely a service I recommend if you are serious about SEO and getting free traffic. There is no point ranking in the top 10 if nobody actually searches for the keyword phrase. You want to find and target keywords that are already proven to produce results.

There are actually other stuff you can do which I didn’t cover. You can view competition graphs, research potential ad buyers for your site, spy on Adwords ads, etc.

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3 thoughts on “SEMRush Keyword Tool Review

  1. Thanks for the review Pawel. I am using free tools to do some of my research at this time but I will definitely consider getting it soon. My sites are growing fast so having a good keyword tool is a must at this point.

  2. I like your graphs in this post. I also think affiliate programs are the best ways to make money online. I prefer adsense, since they pay you for the click not by sales commision. Having the proper keywords will make or break a website. keyword tools are very important

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