Sharing Some Valuable Data From One Of My Campaigns

I have been running some paid traffic campaigns for the past month so I figured I would share some data with you that you might find extremely valuable.

I ran traffic to some financial offers and one of them was for refinancing. We sent around 3,700 clicks to the advertiser and generated 345 leads for that particular offer.

Here is the screenshot:

This campaign is now being redone because while I was running it I have discovered an opportunity to make a lot more money. This is why I have started my new project recently.

So after running some clicks to this advertiser I wanted to find out which states produce the highest quality leads. I took some of the IPs that converted and plugged them into this bulk IP mapping tool.

The result was sort of surprising to me at first but after a while it all made sense.

Here is the Map that shows from which states most leads came from.

How is this valuable? Well, I can now target only those specific states to run more financial offers and weed out the ones that do not produce, which at the end will lower my advertising costs.

If you are good with Facebook advertising you could start setting up your campaign right now 😉

But…you need to get the right demographic data for this to work which I cannot share here on my blog.

Demographic data is truly the key if you want to make a ton of money. Sure you can still generate killer results bidding on keywords but if you have an offer that appeals to masses then you will most likely get much better results by targeting specific age groups and income brackets.

Not only that but you will be able to scale your campaign much quicker too.

Another very important thing is that the map also shows where the money is at in the US. What I mean by that is that you could run other offers in those states and they would probably convert better than in those that didn’t produce for financial offers.

To stay safe you could just target part of Mideast, East and West Coast and leave everything in between lol

I am going to be doing more testing soon and I am very interested how these states will produce for other campaigns I am planning to run.

Anyway, the data I got from these campaigns I ran over the last month has cost quite a bit of money. If you don’t know what you are doing it could quickly turn very ugly as far as cost per click goes in the financial space.

Paid traffic is really where it’s at. SEO is becoming more and more unstable these days so if I were you I would start diversifying my income streams.

Do you want to depend on Google or your own wallet?


2 thoughts on “Sharing Some Valuable Data From One Of My Campaigns

  1. Pawel, this is excellent information. This also proves that people are still making money online, even though there are so many naysayers out there. I really like that IP mapping tool, never seen that before. Will definitely use that on my next campaign. Thanks again!

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