Should You Add An Upsell To Your Sales Funnel Or Not?

The answer is abso-fn-lutely! 🙂  I don’t know any successful company or business that sells products but doesn’t have upsells integrated into their sales process, do you? Anywhere you look there are upsells. When you buy food at fast-food restaurants, electronics, or a new car, they will try to upsell you something. There is no escape lol

It doesn’t matter if you are selling physical products or digital products you should have a strong backend funnel. It’s just a very smart business decision to use it in your marketing. So why am I making this post today? Well, a lot of people who buy digitial products in the internet marketing niche complain about all the upsells. I agree that some marketers abuse it a little by delivering uncomplete products and stating that without the upsell you can’t even make it work. Sure it happens! But using upsells is not unethical in any way in my opinion.

When someone is in the buying state of mind you should always offer them more value if possible. The key word is “value” though. They should feel like they got their money’s worth after spending it on you.

Here is where the problem is though. Some people will say they liked what they got and some will say they want a refund or that it sucks. You can’t please everyone. That’s just part of the business and it shouldn’t hold you back.

There was a post in Warrior Forum not too long ago where the person said that they are tired of upsells basically calling it a scam and just a way to squeeze more money from their customers. Well, that person was right about one thing. It is a way to get more money but it’s NOT a scam. Every business does it. There is a lot of hate going on in the IM niche in my opinion. Haters are basically people who failed and didn’t bother to try again so now they will call anything that has a payment button on it a scam. True fact! Those people will blame everyone but themselves.

When you sell anything you basically manipulate people to take your desired action (making a purchase). It’s part of sales!! Have you ever been to a car dealership? Man they really take it to a whole new level, seriously.

What I am trying to say is that upselling is not a scam and it’s being used by all successful companies and businesses in the offline and online world. For some reason though in the IM niche it gets a really bad rep. I am not sure why.

Even scarcity tactics are used by some of the most reputable companies. Did you know they teach how to manufacture scarcity at universities when studying marketing?

Here is an example of fake scarcity used by Subway franchise. I don’t know if you have seen their commercials a while back but they had the $5 footlong special for a limited time when it first came out. They advertised for like 1 month on TV that there is a deadline and you can still get a $5 footlong at Subway 🙂 Well guess what happened after that first month? They extended it for another month haha But what heppened after the second month? They now have a $5 footlong menu.

So basically what Subway did was trained people for 2 months to buy their sandwiches and then kept the $5 special permanently. Fake scarcity at its best. Did they get in trouble for that? NO

When you want to make money selling stuff it’s really hard not to use these tactics while all your competitors are. To compete you almost have to or your business will perish.


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