Simple SEO Case Study – Made $3,279.08 And Got The Site Banned

It’s been a while since I have updated this blog. I haven’t written anything new for at least 6 months…Ouch!

It’s not like I just decided to completely abandon internet marketing or whatever. I have been busy working on some other sites and projects.

For example, I am interested in Bitcoin nowadays and other crypto currencies 😉 …but I am not going to write about that here.

Today I just want to show you a quick case study I have done a while ago that I thought you would be interested in.

I still keep an eye on the SEO industry from the sidelines. I don’t think I will ever lose interests in that, but I don’t engage anymore in link building like I used to for sites I actually care about….It’s too risky.

A few months back though I wanted to see if it’s possible to rank a simple review site with blackhat link building methods. I literally did this test for shits and giggles because I wanted to prove the fact that it’s easier to create “churn and burn” sites these days to make money than focusing on one site that you actually care about.

I have written about it before many times in my previous posts. In my opinion, focusing on just one web property is a mistake because if something doesn’t go as planned your hard work, money, and time you have invested into it gets wasted.

So I decided to do a little test and create a review site that would target only one product. The entire project was outsourced. I didn’t even install WordPress. Everything from building the site, writing content to link building was done by outsourcers.

I wanted to see if I can simply invest some money and get more out of it if you know what I mean.

I started the site in May but it didn’t start making money until July.

Let me show you some traffic stats for that site.

As you can see the site started gaining traction at the beginning of July.

If you wonder how much content was created you are going to be surprised because it only had about 11 articles.

The site also got penalized by Google on September 12th.

So I had the site making money for over 2 months and here is how it did during that time.

Keep in mind that I knew it would get penalized I just didn’t know how long it would take for Google to notice me.

As far as backlinks go, I purchased some shady link packages from Warrior Forum …lol

I think I have spent less than $400 on the entire project and got $3,279.08 back. Not bad ROI if you ask me.

It was a fun project. It pretty much proves that going blackhat is the easiest way to make money. You could even make it your business model.

If I had more sites in the pipeline targeting the same phrase, and keep pumping 1 new site per week with the same strategy, I would still be pulling cash from that keyword and making sales.

It’s hard to compete with spammers who blast links for sites that they don’t care about and my case study proves it.

If you get on your competitor’s radar with a quality site that you put a lot of effort into they can just purchase some link packages towards your site and make you disappear after a couple of months while they have 5 or more sites already on the way.

That will cause you to either quit or go blackhat and join them.

Here is what you should learn from this:

1.  Blackhat link building works great – I only purchased 3 link packages from people on Warrior Forum to get this site ranked and making money. I didn’t build a single link myself to that site.

2. You can still get your competitors penalized – Hey if those link packages I purchased got my test site penalized I am pretty sure it would work on sites I don’t own.

3. Blackhat link building produces great ROI even though your site will eventually get banned – It took Google almost 4 months to actually drop my site from serps. In that time I made a cool $3,279.08.

4. It’s a stable business model – All you have to do is keep creating sites and keep ranking them. When one gets penalized you have more already in the pipeline…kinda like an assembly line in a factory.

This whole thing actually makes me want to laugh because it was so simple to pull off. Google keeps telling you that they want you to build quality content but the search ecosystem pushes you (forces you) to go blackhat or you don’t stand a chance.

Sure, there are niches where you can build something worthwhile but any big market with huge competition is filled with blackhatters that laugh all the way to the bank while you keep killing yourself trying to provide value writing awesome quality content 🙂

It took me about $400 and 0 of my own time to make over $3k with this method. I didn’t even proof read the content that was posted on that site. I just made sure my affiliates links were in place.

I wonder how many webmasters who previously were trying to play by the rules now switched and are spamming the serps because their quality sites got whacked by Google?

Anyway, there you have it. That shit still works!


20 thoughts on “Simple SEO Case Study – Made $3,279.08 And Got The Site Banned

  1. The site was targeting one specific product. Basically we posted a review of that product and some additional content. Backlinks were built to that review page that had affiliate links on it. That was it.

  2. Thanks for the fast reply. Since the website is currently dropped, I think you have nothing lo lose anymore… would you please post the URL of the site? What specifical backlinks packets did you purchase? Maybe you could extend your case-study a bit… maybe by making a small report. This would help us very very much.

  3. Yes, I targeted the product name with the word “review” at the end. There was no launch or anything. I promoted a health product from Moreniche affiliate network.

  4. Hey Pawel, this is what i’m doing since Google started to roll out its algorithms. Make and forget except i’ve never made more than $600 a month, and my sites are lasting 2-3 months before get penalized by Google. Keep the same way.

  5. I notice a similar thing on websites that were not having original content (content spam, if you want). There was a 2-3 month period of traffic and then nothing. Interesting fact is that the second site got less traffic in the first place and the third got nothing. I presume that Google is doing some site connections on the rod. The sites were on the same server, with the same Analytics account and almost identical content. Can you send me an email with the URL of the website you use in this experiment? I want to digg a little dipper in this direction.

  6. hahahaha that’s a brilliant strategy, what i would do if i was using this strategy is promoting my affiliate link and also force people to subscribe to my email list,that way i wouldn’t care if google would penalized my website because i have gained a profit and also a mailing list that i would promote my affiliate links in the future as well ^_^

  7. This goes a little further to prove my hunch that the internet is all bullshit and you make money where you make it, and to hell with the rest. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a long term project you build with time…but money is money.

  8. Wow! I’m not sure why but something took me from one page to another along this route as I was trying to figure out how affiliate selling works and I ended up finding out all kinds of things that I had no idea about. I guess this is some of the stuff they said was very sophisticated to learn about. They where not kidding. Thanks for the information. This really makes some sense to me and will help me make certain decisions now.

  9. hi scott, definitely It work in 2014 after google’s new algorithm update. but keep remember it depends on some key factors such as your keyword, anchor text ratio and tired link building strategies etc, etc. if you want to see some good results from this strategy you must be patient in link building.

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