Single Optin Or Double Optin – Which should you use?

When I first started building my list I wasn’t sure if I should use single optin option or double optin on my squeeze pages. There are different benefits for both. Obviously when you use single optin your list will grow faster plus you can make money quicker.

For example, instead of having a thank you page (where you would tell them to confirm their email) after someone optins to your autoresponder form you can redirect them straight to an offer. With double optin you kinda have to make sure they confirm their email address before you send them whatever it is that you are offering and that creates another step for them to go through.

Some marketers say single optin is the way to go, while others say it’s not. One major drawback with single optins is that some people will enter bogus email address which has no value to you at all. With double optin they need to confirm that email before they are added to your subscribers list. Also, by using double optin you will receive less spam complaints. People tend to forget what they subsribed to and then mark your messages as spam. With double optin you have proof they in fact subscribed and confirmed it, so it’s much safer.

I use both single optin and double optin. Single optin is good when you:

– Send an email to people who are already subscribed to your list and you want to get them on a notifaction list

– Sell a product and want the customer to be added automatically after purchase to your database

– Promote CPA offers and want to redirect directly to the offer after someone enters their name and email address

You should also make sure to use different “From” email address for each option, because if enough people mark your messages as spam it’s very likely that your email address will get blacklisted and your messages won’t get delivered.

I recommend using double optin over single optin because your list will be much more responsive that way. If they really want your stuff they will confirm that email and will pay more attention to your messages in the future.

Start building a list! That’s where the money is at 🙂


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