Stop Doing Keyword Research The Same Way As Everyone Else

In this post I’m going to show you some great methods on how I go about finding profitable keywords. You know, those ones that have a decent amount of search volume, and very little competition. The hidden gems if you like, that are going to be insanely easy to rank for in Google with a few powerful links.

The first point I’d like to make very clear is stop relying on Google’s keyword tool to do all the work for you. If you think the tool is going to present you with the best possible keywords associated with terms in the niche you are entering, you are mistaken. Let’s look at some examples:

If you type “top video games” into the keyword tool it brings back the following results.

You will see they are all LSI versions of “top video games”

If you head over to Google and type in the same phrase “top video games” you will be presented with a whole lot of different information. I went to the first article, which was a top 20 list of games for 2013 and got the keyword “dead space 3″.  Let’s type that into the keyword tool.

So, pretty interesting.  You have some great keywords there for example “dead space release date”,”dead space 3 trailer”, “dead space 3 gameplay” etc. that could be used to build a great little site around, and that would never have been found if we were relying on the keyword tool.

Another example could be the survival niche, If you type in survival kit, it brings back the following results:

By having a quick look at the sites occupying the top spots for “survival kit” I was able to uncover the term “bug out bag”. Let’s take a look at the search volume for that and closely related terms:

Again you can see this is a massive keyword, that could be used to set up a great 10 page site around. The term is closely related to survival kit, but that would never have been uncovered with just the Google keyword tool.

There are hundreds of thousands of examples I could show you like this, but I don’t want to waste too much time, when I have so much more to show you.

My point is – Don’t ever rely on the keyword tool alone to uncover great keywords in a niche, use your brain and the tool to help.

High Paying Adsense Keywords With Little To No Competition?

I’ve heard there are some amazing local business terms with ridiculously high CPCs!

The great thing about these types of phrases is that the list is endless. You could have “divorce lawyers chicago”,”ac repair dallas”,”plumber london” there are literally tens of thousands to choose from.

I like to go after businesses that receive high return on a single customer, as they are likely to be able to spend a lot more money on their Adwords campaigns.

There are many local business services you can target, here are some of the best:

Lawyers (divorce, DUI)

Ac repairs


Boiler repair





Car repair

Real Estate

If you find a list of the highest populated cities in each state and just add the 2 phrases together, I guarantee you will unearth some great keywords.

Some of the search volumes aren’t huge, but you honestly don’t need them to be in order to make decent money, why? Because a single click will return $1 $2 or even $5.  I set up simple 4-5 page sites and use exact match keywords, yep you read that right “exact match keywords”

So, how the hell can I rank a thin exact match domain site, without running the risk of getting penalized? Simple, because it’s a local business site, and the competition is weak.

Which local business, sets up a 500 page authority site? None. They have simple sites that promote their services. Some will have a stab at doing a bit of SEO, while others will hire an incompetent SEO company that will promise the world, but deliver only a few blog comment links, and maybe some social bookmarks if they are lucky.

Either way, these terms are super easy to rank for and the method can be replicated again and again.

Who said micro sites were dead and buried?!

Foreign Keywords Are For Winners

If you think about the amount of people searching for various terms on Google, the number is huge right?  What percentage of those searches do you think is in a foreign language?  66.445% to be exact, ha only kidding! I’m not exactly sure, but I do know it’s a huge number.  Why is it then that almost all internet marketers are building sites in English, and targeting English keywords?  This has of course made entering some niches virtually impossible, without high levels of expertise and a very big budget.

Targeting huge terms in a foreign language is a different story though.  Brazilians speak Portuguese and love to search for things on Google.

If we take the English term “how to stop smoking” and translate it into Portuguese we get “como parar de fumar” which gets 8100 exact match searches per month.

Take a look at the backlink profile for the site ranking number 1 in Google Brazil for that term.

Nothing too competitive there, especially when we compare that to the backlink profile for the site ranking number 1 in for the keyword phrase “how to stop smoking”

I think you catch my drift.

These sites aren’t hard to set up, and no you don’t have to speak a foreign language to do so. Just head over to Odesk, Elance or any other freelancing site, and get your articles translated. The cost is small compared to the amount you can make targeting foreign terms.

Hopefully this article have given you some ideas for going about keyword research in a different way, and hopefully you will be able to uncover some real hidden gems that make you some nice income!


8 thoughts on “Stop Doing Keyword Research The Same Way As Everyone Else

  1. Hi Pawel, thanks for great tip but I don’t fully understad step 2 when You look for a keywords from top page on Google for the first keyword (top video games). Do you put “top video games” in google search and look for related searches or use some other tool to extract keywords from top page on google ? Thanks

  2. Sorry I didn’t realize that it’s a guest post 😉 Anyway great grat advice on keyword research and same question to James then 😉

  3. Yeh I just enter “top video games” or “list of top video games” “top video games in 2013, anything closely related will do.

  4. Great post,but do I have to click on exact, broad or so, that was not clear. That would hep me to explore more about this topic

  5. Very interesting way to pull out terms. I’ve never pondered running sites in foreign languages, seems like a straight-forward operation to manage once out-sourced. What’s your take on the weight of calculation for competition %, mostly PPC rates? or saturation of organic rankings? In other words, when I’m looking at a term like “how to draft fantasy baseball team”, and I’m seeing 4% competition, how excited should i get? Thanks for this great advice James! Matt

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