The Dark Side Of Affiliate Marketing

I am not really sure if I have chosen the right title for this post but I guess it sounds cool anyway :) The question is why some affiliate marketers don’t make money while others do doing the same damn thing? It’s interesting isn’t it? Well, there is that little detail that nobody is talking about. That little detail is always left out from all these products you buy from Clickbank, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why this actually happens.

You see, super affiliates do a lot of testing, tracking, and research before they hit a winning campaign. That requires CASH. Sorry but that’s the truth. Most super affiliates sell their own products in the background while building their lists and establishing themselves. They have a steady cashflow that allows them to test and throw money into campaigns even though they are losing at the beginning. It’s the data they are after so they can optimize and make their campaign profitable.

The affiliate marketer who doesn’t have a steady cashflow can’t do this by himself. It’s a fact. Most affiliates want a winning campaign right from the start. They just want to hit the switch and hope for piles of cash in their bank account. It doesn’t work like that (at least not anymore..maybe 6 years ago)  All the gurus tell you that you should start with affiliate marketing first because you don’t have to create a product, deal with customers, refunds etc.

I think that you should start with selling something. Even if it’s just a $7 ebook or whatever start selling something! While selling your products you can get into affiliate marketing. You can outsource then all your sites, content etc. Then you got money to run campaigns and you can afford to dump a few $1000s to collect the data so that you know what and how it’s converting.

Super affiliates build big lists by selling product through affiliates who drive traffic for them. It’s called leverage. Levarage is the most powerful word EVER! Always try to leverage your efforts through others. Trust me, it works!


6 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of Affiliate Marketing

  1. So true, the gurus keep selling their products and building lists. They are super affiliates because of their lists and nothing else.

  2. I guess part of the reason the “gurus” keep selling this idea of affiliate marketing with no headaches is because that’s what people want to hear. It’s sad, but most people just want to do as little work as possible, while their bank account grows. It takes hard work to be successful offline as well as online. The only different with the internet is that you don’t ever have to leave your house or answer to anyone. For some people though, not answering to anyone causes them to just chase their tales for years, while never catching it.

  3. True that, as long as there is a market for the “magic button” there will be people selling it, because that’s what the crowd wants. Affiliate marketing is great but without a good foundation you’re toast

  4. Definitely a “Catch 22″ type of situation… you can’t sell products till you have a list, you can’t get a list till you have your own product and you can’t buy either as when you are most likely starting out… most of us half small amounts of cash to throw at the wall to see what sticks. We can’t out-source our 1001 tasks of setting up landing pages, writing articles or JV’ing with “gurus” because we don’t have a list or money to pay with. Yikes… More 12 hour days I guess. Great aricle Pawel!

  5. The affiliate party is over, and it is time to get serious and realistic about making money by the looks of it. I personally would not want to be in the stuck-in-the-middle position that the affiliate companies find themselves. I really wish for all of this to work out for the best of all parties involved.

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