The Make Money Online Trap

Most people who want to make money online start by trying to sell information on how to make money online lol

In my opinion it’s the worst thing you can do to yourself. Sure the MMO niche is profitable and full of dreamers who will spend money on anything that promises riches (with 1 click) overnight, but if you haven’t made a dime online before then you shouldn’t be selling a dream you haven’t achieved yourself.

There are exceptions though. If you really want to start in the “make money” niche then here are a few ways you can do this without faking anything.

1. Develop useful software tools – You don’t have be a guru to sell software. All you have to do is identify what marketers do right now and think of ways to automated it for them.

2. Team up with someone else – Find someone who is already successful at something and ask if they would be willing to create a product that you both could sell.

3. Test things for others and report your data – If you are willing to “take one for the team” and just test stuff out, people will listen to you if you got valuable data to share. Your case studies could show how you lost money. In the “make money” niche people love reading about stuff they wanted to try and how it worked for others.

I think it’s possible for a newbie to start in this niche but it could be extremely difficult. The competition is insane, so if you are just starting out the chance of you failing is quite big.

In my opinion it’s very important to start with something that has a higher chance of success. If the first thing you do produces at least some results, you will get motivated and it will keep you going even if the money isn’t as great.

On the other hand if your first project is a failure then it could have a big negative impact on you, and prevent you from going after your goals.

I have made this mistake myself a years ago. When I started I thought that the only way to make money on the internet is to sell products that teach how to make money. It’s a big trap especially for someone who doesn’t like to quit. I felt like I was getting sucked into some black hole that I couldn’t get out of. It was burning me out after a few months.

Then I said “screw it” and I got into other niches. It was a big eye opener for me believe it or not. There are actually real people looking for real products out there.

Here are some markets I recommend getting into if you want to start your first online business.

1. Health – This is still the best niche to start with for affiliate marketers because you really don’t need to be a great copywriter to sell health products. Most of the high converting supplements sell themselves. Those companies pour millions into branding and getting the word out, so they build the buzz for you. All you have to do is put your affiliate site in front of that traffic and collect commissions. There are a few great affiliate networks specializing in health niches such as Market Health, SellHealth, or MoreNiche. Join them, build your sites, and profit!

2. Entertainment (Gaming, Celebs, Music) – It’s very easy to get traffic in those niches but it can be difficult to monetize sometimes. I know people that own celebrity gossip sites but they don’t make sh*t with their Adsense accounts. The best way to monetize these sites is through selling advertising directly to other companies. You can also analyze demographic data of your traffic and that way find best offers to promote. For example, if you have  a fan site about some famous singer, you could probably do well with ringtone offers. If one site can make you $1k/month build 10 fan sites about different celebrities.

Gaming niche is huge too! It’s actually exploding right now. Lots of money to be made in this market if you know how to build authority content sites. For example, you could build a site reviewing different MMORPG games. Millions of people get hooked on these games every year, so a lot of traffic to go after and as you probably already know  “traffic” is the best product to sell online.

3. Markets Where Rich People Hang Out – I wrote a post about targeting profitable niche markets a while ago. Basically you want to build sites about stuff that appeal to rich people. Rich people like exclusivity so you don’t even need a lot of traffic to make bank.

4. Consumer Products – Selling physical products online is great nowadays. More and more people do their shopping online. There is a huge opportunity for building authority review sites promoting real products that people actually buy. The easiest way to start is to become an affiliate for Amazon. The cool part about Amazon is that when you send someone there through your link, you will get paid on everything they add to their shopping cart. You could promote some extremely popular gadget with low commission payout, but the people you send to Amazon will buy all kinds of other stuff you haven’t even promoted anywhere and still get paid for it.

Those 4 markets are great if you really want to start your online business and make money online. I don’t recommend getting into the “make money” niche before actually having some success in other sometimes even more lucrative niches.

In fact once you see how easy it is to get results outside of the IM industry you might never even want to come back to it.

It’s all about innovation  and creativity. You build wealth online by creating web properties that attract masses. That should be your main goal. There are no shortcuts or loopholes that can make you rich overnight.


17 thoughts on “The Make Money Online Trap

  1. I have to agree 100% with you Pawel. It’s actually easier to make money in other niches than trying to break into the IM marketplace. The competition is getting worse every year.

  2. Interesting post. Would these niche’s be particularly competitive though? I would have thought MMO and health niches would be 2 of the most competitive. I guess that means there is a good market there but you would have to be pretty damn good to crack those markets on your first attempt no?

  3. I think you should always go into big markets where people actually spend money. Just reviewing some health products with basic SEO can produce amazing results.

  4. It’s kinda like with forums. If you want to start a forum nobody will register if it doesn’t look busy, so it would be a valid strategy to pay people to post in your forum and pretend to be real users. Then when real people start joining you could stop doing it and let it grow from there.

  5. There are some great ideas here, some that I never would have thought of. This is the second time that I’ve heard about becoming an affiliate for Amazon. I recommend a lot of books on my site so I really do need to jump on this!

  6. Agree with you Pawel. Far too many people try to, again, point out how to make money online in ways that have been tried for years. Result – failure. Your suggestions on how to avoid the trap are really good.

  7. Thanks Catarina for your feedback. Most of the stuff out there right now is just rehashed info basically rewritten in many different ways.

  8. Hi Pawel, looks like I’m visiting for your blog for the first time and I like it. The Make Money Online Trap is real, many keep getting into it thinking they would be able to do what others cannot do but they eventually wear themselves off with trying. There are lots of other niches out there that are very profitable; all we have to do is look for them.

  9. True, it’s so much easier to make a profit if you open your mind and look outside of the internet marketing niche.

  10. Hi Pawel! Thank you for this post and sharing good niches for online marketing. I also started blogging with the theme How to make money online. I make much more money with my travel blog.

  11. Hi Pawel, I love your idea and creativity of MMO. Leveraging on other people’s skills, niche marketing and find rich people target market..sounds innovative.

  12. Health niche is surely the profitable and all time greener thing. Especially the dieting/fitness/lose weight come under this category and people are willing to pay anything to stay in shape.

  13. Every niche market where a lot of money is being made gets infected by scammers after a while. But IM niche gets the worst of the worst I guess because it penetrates human’s worst weakness…greed

  14. Hi Pawel, Great article!! You pointed out some great niches for people to start in. I would like to mention Napoleon Hill didn’t make any money before he wrote “Think and Grow Rich” I get your point, but interviewing successful people in the niches you mentioned or how to make money online is another alternative

  15. Your second paragraph is right on the money. When I started online last year I joined a membership site that purported to teach newbies affiliate marketing. The first task they give new members is to send emails to all their friends/acquaintances inviting them to join this cool club they’ve just joined. Having been in offline commission selling for many years I thought this was not only the stupidest advice to give anyone but also totally self-serving on the part of the promoters. I have a separate email account that does nothing else except collect emails from wannabe “make money online millionaires” who promote other people’s products in that “make money online” niche. Enough said. I’m sure you can guess the content of 99% of those emails.

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