The Ultimate Secret to Making Money Online – Easy and Fast

So you want to make money online? And you really want to make it easy and fast? Okay. What if I shared with you the ultimate secret for making money online effortlessly; how much would you go on to make annually? A thousand dollars, a hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars? Well, I think that’s left for you to decide so let’s move on.

I have been passively making money on the internet now for the past three years but prior to that; it was quite a struggle. Today, I still see people struggling to succeed online; just exactly the same way I did in the past. Well, the sad truth is that they will keep struggling till they discover the secret I discovered years ago. Now there are many secrets to making money online; and every self proclaimed guru always claim to have his/her own secret. But the secret I am about to reveal here is the ultimate secret. If you can obtain and implement this one secret, your life will never remain the same.

Now the ultimate secret of generating passive income online is not really about building businesses, investing, fleecing newbies, building blogs, doing affiliate marketing, PPC, Forex, Blackhatting or whatsoever. No, the ultimate secret to making an income online is much more than that. Now what is this secret?

The Ultimate Secret to Making Money Online – Easy and Fast

“Give and it shall be given unto you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, shall men give into your bosom.” – Luke 6: 38

Yes, the statement above is the ultimate secret to making it big; whether online or offline. If you want to make millions and billions of dollars effortlessly; then obey this secret and give. This ultimate secret of making money didn’t say receive first and give later; it says give and it shall be given unto you. What this means in essence is that you have to give first to receive. Unfortunately, what most people know how to do is to try to receive or take what belongs to others.

Now let’s critically analyze this law. How do you become a surgeon or engineer? You must first study hard for years, while paying a huge sum for the knowledge you are acquiring. After that, you undergo series of rigorous tests before you become qualified to earn a salary as a surgeon or engineering expert. All these might take nothing less than ten years to achieve. The same is also applicable to making money; you must give first before receiving. Now how do you give first? How do you apply the ultimate secret to succeeding as an internet entrepreneur?

How to Apply the Ultimate Secret of Making Money

“If you want to be rich, simply serve more people.” – Rich Dad

The simple statement above is the only answer you need. If you want to become rich, if you want to amass millions and billions of dollars; then simply serve more people. But unfortunately, 80% of internet entrepreneurs are simply going against this principle and that’s why they won’t make it big. Now note that Larry Page and Sergey Brin did not make a dime until they provided an easy gateway for millions of people to access information. Google handles a billion searches a day; and it’s free for everyone to use.

Henry Ford did not become rich until he took cars that were strictly manufactured for the rich and made them available to the masses. Investing is not the core secret of Warren Buffett’s wealth; Warren Buffett provides an intrinsic financial service to millions of individuals. Steve Jobs put a personal computer in every home; Michael Dell made the personal computer more affordable to the masses by selling directly while boycotting the middle men. generates revenue because it is committed to providing newbies with tips for starting their own businesses online. My business blog ( now generates a decent daily income; but that did not happen until I gave away tons of business advice for free. I can go on and on but I think my point has been made.

“If you want to be rich, simply serve more people.” – Rich Dad

In the simplest of terms, if you want to make millions of dollars online; then stop trying to make money and focus on providing value. Give to the society, help them solve their problems; help satisfy their needs/wants and they will give you in return. Now that brings me to the next sub-principle of becoming an online success real fast.

How many people can you give to in an hour? How many people can you serve in a day?

The question above is the thin line that makes the big difference between successful internet marketers and the average marketers. As a principle, I don’t engage in businesses that don’t give to the society because they are unstable. Now let me ask you: what’s the difference between me and a forex trader. A Forex trader simply makes a living by trading; without providing value to anyone. But the moment the trader stops trading; the income dries up.

On my part, I make money effortlessly, even when I sleep as long as people need business advice. Also, a forex trader is limited to a certain number of trades daily and he/she rarely trade for straight 24 hours. But I personally affect the live of over 1,000 entrepreneurs hourly with the articles I wrote on my blog and through my blog; I am always available globally 24/7. This is the sole reason why I have been generating income online effortlessly for the past three years. Ignorance of this simple principle is also the reason why most people struggle to succeed in life and business.

“If you want to be rich, simply serve more people.” – Rich Dad

In conclusion, I want you to know that there is an abundance of wealth flowing round the globe. You just need to be well informed and positioned to tap into it. For you to make millions of dollars online; you must be prepared to give, you must be prepared to serve millions of people. You must abandon your get rich quick perception; and stop trying to make money online. Instead, you must strive to become a core value provider; you must think and act like a capitalist. Implement this principle today; and I will see you at the top.

Ajaero Tony Martins is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for teaching people how to start a business. He is well known for his radical article titled “How to Become a Billionaire” and other unconventional write-ups.


7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Secret to Making Money Online – Easy and Fast

  1. To be sincere with you, there’s is a secret to making money online but fortunately, it’s so simple that most people ignore it. That secret is simply to provide value. And with respect to luck, i don’t believe in it. I believe you make your own luck.

  2. Providing valuable information and good freebies is important, but somehow many have lost sight of it’s importance. Most marketers know they should build a relationship with their customers, but they often only do it because they feel as if they have to. Offering some thrown together freebie is not the way to check the box for building a relationship.

  3. There are many paths to financial success online and offline. Personally I like the old adage “Find a need and fill it.”

  4. my friend i need your help on this marketing online, i nearly tired because i have been trying my possible best but nothing since to be true.

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