Traffic Generation Using Push Button Software: The Truth

Generating traffic has always been very important. Without traffic no website can survive. Whether it is an Ecommerce site, Internet Marketers squeeze page or a hobby blog. We need traffic, and we need it in good numbers.

Unfortunately this need has led to many unscrupulous Internet Marketers creating  ‘Super-duper, silver bullet, magic push button’ programs that offer you a life free of work, a life blessed with wealth and riches each and every single day on autopilot. Unfortunately they don’t deliver what they promise.

There is not one piece of software that you set up which sucks traffic to your site as traffic works on keywords and people searching for stuff. It really is that simple. How can software pull in thousands of visitors on autopilot without offering anything in return?

The truth is: traffic is based on content and people looking for that content.

There are software programs and plugins that scrape content from other sites and then populate your site with content based around search terms and keywords but this is frowned upon. The idea is that you have a site full of content people are looking for, they find it, come to your site and then buy any relevant affiliate offers or click on ads generating you money.

I once tested out a WordPress plugin that scraped articles from an article directory. Article directories are about sharing articles but instead of copying and pasting the article it used the API to source the content. As soon as the site does any changes to the API the plugin is useless unless it is upgraded. Many of the articles were not relevant with each other so the site’s content was very hit and miss.

There are plugins that scrape from websites and not just article directories. Many if not all of the site owners who take time to write their own content, or who pay for the content to be written so it is unique and optimized hate having it scraped and will contact you when they find out.

Google also hates duplicate content and the chances of having a site high in the search engines full of scraped content are low. There are other factors that search engines use for ranking sites high and that can be visitor numbers, how long they stay and if they look at other pages/posts on your site.

Just having content on a site doesn’t mean much unless it is being read.

I worked on an experimental site that we eventually got to rank high in Google for a keyword, we set the site up to auto populate content from several other sites. However when we first built the site we wrote several posts ourselves using keywords before we started using the plugin, we still occasionally add fresh content as part of the on-going experiment.

The problem is the plugin we used does not fill the site with anything but a summary of the article it pulled and when someone clicks on it they are taken away from the site. So for making money from affiliate offers and advertising revenue this is not a good site. More importantly the user experience and value for this site is next to nothing.

All traffic software that I have seen require work to work properly, they generally all try to use other people’s duplicate content in what I would consider a bad way. Another traffic sucking wealth generating software I tried recently collected loads of articles from a directory based on a keyword you typed into it, it then added your website URL to it or an affiliate link then uploaded it as a PDF to around 20 share sites like scribd. com.

The idea was that the PDF would go viral having loads of people either coming to your site or buying through your affiliate links. There was another very similar software out at the same time that did the same thing with eBooks and reports filled with Clickbank links. You could also generate some revenue from the sites that shared Adsense revenue.

However with several thousand product customers doing the same thing, trying to get viral PDFs pointing to their site, or affiliate links resulted in many sites not allowing the PDFs to be uploaded as they checked for ‘unique content’ so for it to work you had to write your own article.

Again it was all about content, it going viral and being seen by as many people as possible. So if you are going to use these traffic generating methods surely it is best to write high quality content that is your own, is it not? Otherwise you will not get quality traffic.

In reality traffic is only gained from doing things properly.

For real traffic and search engine ranking the only real way is to give proper unique content, content that is added daily. Get natural links back to your site from sharing genuine comments on other websites after reading great articles. Start writing guest posts, not only does this get links back to your site but it gives you exposure and creates a brand. Becoming a brand is good.

It is easier for me to type in when I want to find any new articles to read than it is to search Google for ‘SEO tips’ hoping to find one on that subject on the site. When your name becomes the keyword then you are on your way to having a brand and free traffic.

Use Facebook and Twitter to build a brand and a following, use them to send traffic to your posts and articles. The flow of traffic from social media helps with your SEO.

Create great reports and EBooks and share them on sites like and have people come to your site looking for ‘more of the same’ high quality useful information.

There are plugins for WordPress based sites like “Yoast SEO” that help to make each post more searchable and more likely to get traffic naturally. It helps to show if you have your chosen keyword in all the import parts of your post like the title, the URL, and the body of the post etc.

Normal SEO can take time, it could take a few weeks or months to see results but when you do it is great. A site getting only 20 people a day can grow to 120 a day within a few days or weeks and if you keep adding content then it will grow.

The decision is how and where you get the content from. You can produce it yourself, outsource it or create a partnership with a friend who can do the content while you focus on other aspects of the business.

There are sites like myguestblog. com that you can join to request guest posts, people will write unique content that gets used on your site only and back-links to their site. It is a great way to get free quality content for your blog.

We look for these magic push button programs to make it easier for us to make money when in reality we end up spending more money than we earn and create far more work for ourselves than we probably would have had if we did it properly from the start.

They say content is king, regular well written quality content is probably the first and best place to start from. So when you are watching another video of the all new ‘Magic Commission Autopilot Traffic Generating Sucky Widget’ remember it is probably best to keep your wallet in your pocket and use the money elsewhere.

Author bio: Andi Leeman is the writer for . Bringing you the best small home business ideas and blogging tips.


9 thoughts on “Traffic Generation Using Push Button Software: The Truth

  1. Short cuts sell because there are thousands of lazy people looking for short cuts but anyone who has been tramping in the bush will tell you ‘taking short cuts’ often leads to the long way home or getting lost. The time tested tried and true methods will always work – just not fast enough for some people so the promoters of the “quick fix” and push button “six clicks to riches” schemes will keep turning a profit.

  2. Hi Jon, thanks for your comments. So very true, and I hope and believe people are now getting wise to these programs. In many ways the people who sell these products are no better than the guys selling bags of stuff in bars which when you get home the laptop you thought it was turned out to be a lump of wood.

  3. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people that are buying these “lazy/quick/fast/easy” programs. The people in our networks often don’t because we are the blogging/internet marketing community and we know better, but other starting out don’t know.

  4. Hi Jamie, yes unfortunately you just can’t hep everyone, when they are rushing to make their millions quick they lose all sense of perspective and logic, what is that saying? oh yes… ‘less haste, more speed!’ Thanks for your comments Andi

  5. Clickbank is full of those type of products. The guys selling them made a lot of money a year ago but now I don’t think people are falling for it anymore. It got old after a while to see the same sales pitches over and over again.

  6. Hi CBWarrior, thanks for the comments, it got so bad that I am sure even Clickbank are embarrassed. I really hope people are getting wise to it more.

  7. Hi Walt, yes, I am not sure I have ever tested a system that works, certainly not when hundreds or thousands of people start using them. Maybe for the first person to test it but after that everything gets watered down and cannot work due to the sheer amount of people duplicating the same stuff.

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