Turnkey Online Business Scams – 9 Steps To Avoid Them

You see offers for turnkey websites everywhere on the Internet, but you can suffer serious financial loss if you are not careful. Almost everyone has a horror story about the various scams online. Some are still waiting for that $15,000 check from Kenya so that they can retire from designing websites. Good luck!

The old line “if you build it, they will come” does not apply to websites. Instead, P.T. Barnum’s adage about there being “a sucker born every minute” is more applicable, especially when it comes to turnkey online businesses. Think before you hand over your hard-earned money. You could become the victim of another scam.

Novices to the world of the Internet are most likely to become the victims. There is a little larceny in all of us, but sometimes the most honest people are the most likely to believe what they read online because it’s in their nature to trust people.

Tales of instant wealth are always popular. Let’s examine a rather extreme case.

Imagine a single mom who is struggling to make ends meet and who encounters an ad promising the opportunity of a lifetime. Only recently has she learned to send and receive e-mail, and yet she buys a few pre-packaged websites expecting the money to roll in.

In one such case, a woman spent $10,000 on a set of turnkey sites and made no profit two years later. The sites had poorly coded cookie-cutter style layouts with domains of no significant search engine ranking, and it was difficult for her to establish credibility.

The dealers of the sites excused their poor performance by saying the woman wasn’t properly marketing the sites. To make matters worse, the victim even found her site renewed without notice to the tune of $2500!

Sometimes it seems as if that the ones selling advice on how to make money are the only ones who succeed in doing so. Keep the following tips in mind before considering purchasing any turnkey website opportunity:

1. Examine any site carefully that you are considering buying. Remember that visitors to the site will decide within five seconds if the site looks credible and worthwhile. View the site objectively, and if your reaction is not favorable, look elsewhere.

2. Review the parent site carefully and look for signs of exaggeration and hyperbole. If the pages are overloaded with promises of quick profits and that you’ll be the next millionaire, it’s a sure sign of overselling.

3. Check to see if the promoters of the opportunity reveal their full names, physical addresses and phone numbers. If all you find is a P.O. box (or even an office address) then you may have no sure means of identifying who is taking your money.

4. Never consider buying a business which you have no experience in marketing and growing successfully. Remember that any business, including the online ones, require a considerable investment of time and energy.

5. Be wary of pressure to act now, especially when making a considerable financial commitment. Be sure to do your research before considering handing over your life savings. There should be no urgency involved in that.

6. View testimonials with skepticism. Remember that testimonials from unhappy customers are never included. The greater the financial commitment you’re making, the more work you should put into contacting previous customers of the merchants to make sure they’re real people.

7. Look for reviews from other users of the package you are considering buying, but remember that affiliate programs, which people are paid to promote, can often produce bias reviews. Also, look for forums in which the products under consideration are discussed in a more casual and possibly honest manner.

8. If you are considering being a distributor of a product, be wary if you are required to pay for inventory in advance or are required to sign up more distributors. In fact, be wary of any advance fee requirements.

9. Do not trust rating sites such as WOT (Web of Trust) that aggregates user ratings for a large number of websites. It should not be seen as an authority, since it doesn’t cover all websites (especially the newer ones) and it gives an unfairly low rating to other legitimate businesses.

Remember that any turnkey website is likely to be a clone of hundreds or even thousands of other pages, all for the same product or service. Part of making a positive first impression is being unique, but a turnkey website offers a fixed design with no opportunity to change the look or even revise the content.

Success in online business hinges on having a product or service that people need, an attractive and credible site, and steady traffic generation to ensure that you have enough customers to make a decent number of sales. It’s not easy but it can be done.

Remember that if a turnkey website opportunity looks too good to be true, it probably is. There are no shortcuts to wealth. Success requires long hours and hard work, so do your research to avoid becoming a victim.

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3 thoughts on “Turnkey Online Business Scams – 9 Steps To Avoid Them

  1. I always thought that turnkey sites were worthless. It’s a waste of time but unfortunately a lot of newbies fall for it all the time.

  2. I bought into two different TurnKey Websites, and they say all you have to do is bring traffic to start earning money. This is true, and I have done that, BUT here is the catch; I brought tons of traffic and their “the turnkey resellers” servers can not handle the traffic! I get a message saying Bandwidth Exceeded when visiting my Turnkey website, so I email the company asking to expand it and once I got a response that they expanded it, so it happened again a week later so I email them again with no response for days, and now my Turnkey website is useless for days. All the time and money I put into bringing traffic was a waist of time, Bottom line, don’t use them they SUCK!

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