Unstoppable Affiliate Works – Here Is Our Unstoppable Affiliate Review

I have decided to do a full blown review of the Unstoppable Affiliate video course by Andrew Hansen because I felt like I needed to share some of this info with you.

The IM niche is flooded with products that don’t deliver and promise all kinds of false claims. Since last year we have seen a ton of Clickbank product launches that simply scammed people out of their money and never delivered what was promised on their sales letter. This is going to continue unless you stop buying the “make money in x clicks” type shit.

Anyway, once in a while there is a product worth buying that can truly help you succeed at making money online and I believe that’s the case here with the Unstoppable Affiliate course.

The product was created by Andrew Hansen who has been making a nice comfortable living creating review sites that make affiliate sales. It’s a simple concept and it flat out works.

I have gotten access to the product so I decided to show you exactly what you are getting and how it’s going to help you.

When you first land inside the member’s area you will see the following screen:

The course consists of 4 main modules presented in a step by step format so that you can simply follow along and learn everything you need to build profitable affiliate sites.

I am going to review each module individually so that you have an idea about all the stuff you will discover and the value of the information included.

Research Module

In this module there are 10 videos total. There are some serious golden nuggets inside this part of the course that I believe every affiliate should learn.

When you are choosing products to promote it’s important to do proper keyword and niche research. You don’t want to promote products that don’t convert or have no search volume. I think Andrew has done an awesome job with this part of the course because even I learned something new from his videos.

He is going to show you what tools he uses to pin point the right niche markets and how to find products that actually convert. Andrew goes over the research process in great detail so that you know exactly what to do. You shouldn’t even proceed watching other videos before taking action on the research plan.

Some cool stuff you will learn from this module:

– How to test profitability of an offer before sending traffic to it

– How to find offers with low competition but high conversion rates

– What essential key features every offer you promote must have on their landing page

– How to find keywords that will bring in visitors and turn them into buyers

– Which tools to use to basically predict if the offer is going to be hot or not

– How to target brand name keywords properly

If you are serious about affiliate marketing then this module alone is worth the price of the Unstoppable Affiliate course.

Site Strategies Module

In this part of the course there are 10 videos as well with some seriously awesome content 😉

This module starts out with showing you 2 different affiliate site models. First one is “One Product Per Site Model” and second “Multiple Products Per Site” or niche authority site in other words.

I am a fan of building massive content sites so I prefer building one big site promoting many different products. This works best for me and with this model you can target much larger audience than with an affiliate site that targets 1-3 keywords.

You can decide for yourself which one you want to go with, but I recommend building bigger sites.

In this section of the course you will discover some really powerful tactics. I know they work because I use them myself. Andrew will show you exactly how to bypass some of the issues with ranking sites on top of Google using a proven and tested method that I personally call “ship takeover”.

There are 2 videos showing step by step how to install your site using WordPress so if you already know all the tech stuff you can totally skip this part.

Next, Andrew shows exactly how an affiliate minisite should look like and what key ingredients you need to maximize the profit potential. There are 2 videos that explain everything in detail and how to make things work.

This module is mostly about tech stuff and how to set everything up. Some more advanced marketers can skip a few videos here, but I recommend that you watch video 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8

Here is what you will learn from this module:

– Pros and Cons of 2 different affiliate site models

– How to quickly get trust and rank quickly

– How to install and create a killer looking affiliate minisite

– How to track and use your stats data to make more money

If you are just starting out this module is going to put you on the fast track. After going through all the 10 videos you should be able to set up your own affiliate minisite that converts and is search engine optimized for maximum exposure.

Conversion Strategy Module

In this module of the Unstoppable Affiliate course you will discover conversion tactics that will make your visitors click-through your affiliate link and buy the product you are promoting. This is a key element because if your review page cannot convert well, you are not going to make money.

There are 12 videos inside this part of the training program.

It starts out with showing you exactly how to prepare a killer presell page. Here you will find out how to write for your readers so that they get the information they need and make a purchase. Andrew teaches how to use powerful preselling strategies within the content without being looked at as a pushy sales man.

In videos 4-5 he goes over the process live on screen and shows you how he creates an article for one of his review sites. A lot of internet marketing courses usually just give you theory and leave out the actual steps, and that’s not the case here with the Unstoppable Affiliate training.

Video 6 and 7 teaches how to boost your click-through rates. When you start getting visitors to your affiliate minisite you need to get them to take the first action in your sales process which is the “click”. I recommend that you DO NOT skip these videos and watch them all the way through.

In the last 5 videos you will discover more really effective ways to improve your conversions and how to structure the content so it’s easily readable by your readers.

Here is what you will learn from this module:

– How to write content and how to structure it for maximum conversions

– How to deliver the content so that it’s clearly visible and gets your visitors to take action

– Live video showing how Andrew writes a presell article for one of his review sites

– Killer strategies to increase click-through rates

– How to get even more clicks with the same amount of traffic

This part of the training is crucial and should not be skipped. Even you are an advanced affiliate marketer I strongly urge you to watch every single one of them.

Traffic Mastery Module

When you click on the Traffic Mastery tab you will find about 13 videos total. This is the most important part of the course because it shows you how to get the eyeballs to your affiliate minisite.

The entire module is mainly all about SEO and how to rank your presell pages on the front page of Google.

The first 2 videos are about the core structure of your link building campaign. The next couple of videos go into spying on your competition and how to basically reverse engineer their backlinks.

There are some cool videos about article marketing and how you can still use it to gain more traffic. You will also learn about blog commenting, rss syndication, profile linking etc.

I normally don’t recommend getting links through spamming sites with useless profiles but…hey to some extent it does work for now.  There is a video about guest posting on high quality blogs at the end of this module which is what I recommend for high quality backlinks.

Here is what you will learn from this part of the course

– How to structure your link building campaign

– How to use article marketing to gain more traffic

– How to get links from quality blogs

– How to build second tier backlinks

– How to get to the top of the serps easily and quickly

The Traffic Mastery module is definitely important and you should probably watch the videos a few times to really get it.

What I would like to add here is that quality of your content is extremely important. If you gain top rankings for your main keywords but don’t have the content to back it up, you will lose it quickly. Keep that in mind.

At the end of the Unstoppable Affiliate videos Andrew added another 23 minute video bonus about outsourcing all your work.

Overall this is a great video course and I fully endorse it because it works and because it provides actionable steps that you can implement.

Andrew also offers a Coaching program with a guarantee of success. If you want personal assistance and some more advanced strategies then go ahead and sign up. It’s the real deal and I think it will truly help you. The Coaching program is an 8 week mentoring program with weekly webinars, extra resources, access to their own outsourcers, personal email access etc.

Unstoppable Affiliate Bonus

I am offering a bonus if you purchase the Unstoppable Affiliate course through the link below. Next 50 people who grab it will get my Fast Backlink Booster software for free. I have developed this tool for myself and have been using it to boost some of my backlinks with a click of button.

To claim your bonus simply click on the link below and purchase Andrew’s course. Then send me an email to pipublishing[at]live.com with a subject line “UA bonus” and I will forward you the download link. Don’t forget to include your receipt inside the email.

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  1. Nice review. It looks like a good product from the reviews I read so far. I am getting it probably this weekend.

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