Using Google Suggestion Feature For Profit

I have been playing around with the Google suggestion search feature and you can easily find many great keywords that target buyers or people with their credit card in hand already. For example, I used a main keyword phrase “on sale” and then added a letter before that to see what Google will suggest.

Check this out:

typed in: “aon sale”

typed in: “bon sale”

typed in: “don sale”

Those are some great keyword that you could optimize for a niche site and sell Amazon products. Now I only typed main phrase “on sale” but there are many other buyer keywords like “discount”, “deals”, “for sale”, “coupon” etc.

It’s an awesome strategy to find niches to go after. You could build some Blogger blogs for these keywords, or even your own site and just specifically target anything with “on sale” and review Amazon products.

Obviously you are going to need to do some SEO work, but still I think it would be easy to find some great keyword phrases to target and make some affiliate cash. The cool part about Amazon is that most people who go through your affiliate link will buy other products that you didn’t even promote and that adds up very quickly. There are some affiliates making a killing with Amazon so you should check that out.

I also just added one letter before “on sale” but when you add more it will pull up other more specific suggestions. Smart thing to do would be to make a comparison site where you compare different products and then run PPC campaign for these keywords. This way you could profit much faster than trying to SEO a site for it.

Anyway, I think it’s a great strategy that you can exploit.


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