Using YouTube To Make Money With Amazon

Lately I have been doing some shopping on Amazon and discovered a really cool way for you to make some money as an Amazon affiliate using the power of Youtube.

I have done some searching for cameras and other tools I need for some of my businesses and found a lot of Youtube videos ranking for some of the most competitive keywords on the front page of Google.

Those videos most of the time are simple PowerPoint presentations 🙂

Let me show you some actual examples

When I clicked on one of the videos here is what I saw:



Check out this another keyword phrase I used

When I clicked on the video there was a simple presentation showing the top cameras for 2011 according to them.

As you can probably tell those videos do get a bunch of views and people who find these videos are buyers so the traffic is quite targeted. Not only that but people also tend to buy other things while shopping on Amazon, so you might have sent them there for a camera but they bought accessories, lightening and other stuff with it.

The strategy here is to create a video reviewing or listing top products and then get it to rank in Google for its main keyword phrases.

To make a video like that is quite easy. If you got Powerpoint you could do some simple review while changing slides with images.

You could also do a live video which I think would convert better. People like to see a real person on the other side especially when doing reviews.

Once you create your video it would be good to get some keyword research done so you know which keywords you should be targeting.

You could use Google Keyword Tool for that or even some paid tool like Market Samurai, Keyword Elite, or ISpionage. It doesn’t really matter what you use just make sure to find phrases with some decent search volume.

When you upload your video you want to make sure to include your main keyword phrases in the title of the video.  Include your Amazon affiliate link in the description area with some more keywords as well.

Once you have your video on Youtube, you need to get some backlinks to it. It’s really easy to rank videos by the way because Youtube already has massive authority so you just piggyback from it.

The best way to get some quick links would be to bookmark it on social bookmarking sites, write a couple of articles with a link to the video and distribute it to some directories. Write 2 or 3 press releases and link from them through your main keyword phrase to the video.

Basically you want to get as many links as it takes to rank it. It shouldn’t be too hard to get them to show in serps for some really competitive terms if you know what you are doing.

One video could potentially make maybe $200 per month? I am not sure really because I have never done this technique myself but it’s definitely possible I would think. So if you create 1-2 videos per week and do that for about 2 months, you would have about 8-16 videos out there making you money.

Of course some videos might not get the traction they need to get rolling but if you put your mind to it and take action you could definitely generate some nice steady income with this strategy.

Find some keyword phrases where there is massive search volume every month and just go to town with this.


11 thoughts on “Using YouTube To Make Money With Amazon

  1. Thanks for your updates. Pawel, I have gotten more useful information from just reading your blog than from many paid products I’ve bought in the past. Keep it coming bro!

  2. Some very nice tips on this website. There are many, many, MANY ways to earn money and I think Affiliate Marketing is the way to go!

  3. Amazon does not allow you to place direct links to their website from YouTube. I wish they would because it only makes sense but for some reason (I believe it’s due to spammers) they do not. What you can do is make your video, link it to your personal website and then redirect traffic to Amazon from your site. That is the valid and appropriate way to make long term sales.

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