Warrior Forum Most Visited IM Forum?

I think everyone knows about Warrior Forum and what’s going on over there. It’s a very busy forum full of people talking about making money online and stuff.

I remember when Warrior Forum didn’t have the firepower it has today. It used to be smaller and the Warrior Special Offer section wasn’t crowded as much. Now people actually do product launches over there and it got extremely competitive.

The other day I decided to compare Warrior Forum’s traffic to other internet marketing forums like SitePoint or DigitalPoint.

The data is quite impressive. Warrior Forum basically took over the IM space and is now the most visited IM forum in the world if you go by Alexa rankings.

Check out these Alexa ranking stats:

At the beginning of 2011 Warrior Forum traffic shoot up and stayed there. SitePoint and DigitalPoint actually lost traffic since then (according to Alexa).

What is the reason? Well, it’s the WSO section that drives people to Warrior Forum. WSOs became so popular now that everyone and their dog is running one I think.

But what’s even more powerful is that you can run an affiliate program for your WSO thanks to WarriorPlus. So now everyone sends all their subscribers to Warrior Forum everytime they are promoting a WSO. Since there are new launches like everyday it fuels the WSO section with fresh offers and more traffic.

It’s basically a neverending cycle. For content creators it’s an awesome way to make money. Create something hot that people want to buy and watch your Paypal account fill up with cash overnight.

The possibility of running an affiliate program for WSOs is what made Warrior Forum the most visited IM forum though. If they closed down the WSO section I would imagine the traffic would go down to where it was in 2011 (or possibly drop even lower).

I know that DigitalPoint has a section where people can sell their stuff as well, but it’s nowhere near as busy as the WSO forum.

It wouldn’t be hard for DigitalPoint to get in on this too. They could very easily team up with an existing system like WarriorPlus and start pulling in some nice chunk of cash.

Because everyone is launching products now in Warrior Forum the WSO section is constantly in the spotlight. This drives away people from other forums because they now visit WF more often to see what’s selling lol

The Alexa stats above could be misleading though. Warrior Forum seems to be getting more traffic because of affiliates mailing out offers to their lists, but the crowd is usually the same.  Also a big percentage of them have the Alexa toolbar installed which drives the rankings high.

I checked out Quantcast stats and according to them Warrior Forum only reaches about 65k/month US people while DigitalPoint 548.7k/month.

Warrior Forum used to display how many people are viewing some of their threads and I remember seeing 5k at one time in the WSO section.

It seems like they stopped showing that number, but I know it gets very crowded over there and you can get answers much quicker than in DigitalPoint or some other forum from my experience.

This just shows how profitable it can be to run a forum like that. If you watch the WSO section for a day and count how many times a WSO is posted or bumped then you will know how much money is being made. Each post currently costs $40 and on busy days your WSO thread could drop from the first page within just a few hours.

Anyway, Warrior Forum has become a big marketplace. It grew fast in the past 2 years and I think the state of our economy fueled its growth in some way as well.


4 thoughts on “Warrior Forum Most Visited IM Forum?

  1. I’ve had some success with WSOs before. It’s really a cool way to make some money fast because you don’t have to worry about traffic. All you have to do is create something of value and it will sell.

  2. WSOs are great not only for creating a good cash flow, but also for building a list. Running an offer using Warrior Pro not only increases your earnings through the affiliate program, but also enables you to build a larger list of buyers.

  3. Be careful with those killer WSO’s being offered everyday at the Warrior forum. I was able to snag a bunch of great products before they quadrupled in price with a ClickBank launch. This is great, but there’s just so many of them that they will $9.95 you to death. I actually bought similar products because I forgot I already purchased something. It can become a big time suck if you are not careful. On the other hand, I have more traffic than ever to my sites thanks to some fabulous WSO’s!

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