What It Takes To Be Successful Online

Why is that success comes fast and easy for some people while others struggle for years and still can’t get their break? What are successful people doing so different than you? …Or Why are they successful and you are not even though you follow the same path (or blueprint)?

Not too long ago I wrote a post why you will never be successful, but today I want to debunk something I have been asking myself for a while now.

Everyone wants to be successful. Whether you are just a blogger or an affiliate marketer you have probably come to a conclusion that something just ain’t right…right? It’s not that you don’t have the right knowledge or skills (trust me, it’s not that). It’s something much more complex in my opinion.

You spend all your time researching and finding ways to get more traffic and sales. You try to gain higher search engine rankings but it’s taking forever. You’ve even tried paid traffic campaigns and totally failed…wtf is wrong?

At the end of each week you probably ask yourself why am I failing while others that don’t have the skills that I have keep making more money, and it seems like they have been destined for success right from the beginning?

Is it because you don’t work hard enough? – For some people it does take a lot of hard work to get to the top. Overnight success doesn’t happen overnight usually, but after watching the internet marketing space you are probably starting to question this myth by now. Some of you work harder than any of the gurus you see flashing all their money, but for some reason they are the ones flashing the money and not you.

You also constantly hear awesome success stories like how some people just got online 2 seconds ago and all of a sudden made $123,432.02 with Clickbank in their underwear while making scrambled eggs.

So what in the hell is going on here? Aren’t you tired of all those bloggers telling you how hard you need to work to get some decent results while you obviously are not blind or stupid enough to not notice something sketchy about this whole thing?

I believe that you do work hard. I think that the content some of you put out on your little sites buried under the sea (brands) is probably much better than what we all constantly get forced fed by the gurus every single day. So why isn’t your content getting the viral effect even though it’s better? (Ask Matt Cutts about that, he is good at explaining things).

I don’t think it’s about how hard you work anymore. This cannot be the main reason why you fail all the time and can’t get passed the wall you face every single day.

Is it because you are not persistent? – Persistence can be dangerous especially if you don’t like giving up too easily. Sometimes we do things that don’t have a single chance of success but because we are so persistent we keep doing it over and over again until you get to the point of no return and mentally break yourself.

You have to have a limit. Sometimes it’s good to give up and move on to something else. With that said I think persistence gets overrated a lot of times, especially in the marketing space.

I am actually very persistent but I have learned to live with it. I now give projects priorities so at least I give myself a way out of a blackhole sometimes I find myself in. But I don’t give up on previous projects. I just slow their progress. This allows me to constantly evolve and adapt.

I would say that persistence is a good ability to have but just so you know that it could start working against you at some point.

Is it because you are lazy? – That is the biggest myth of all. I am lazy but I do well for myself. If it was just about that we wouldn’t hear all these crazy stories about how some people never touch a keyboard but make millions online selling magic formulas. Don’t get me wrong, some of those formulas (very few) that they sell actually do work, but not for you for some reason.

There are 2 kinds of laziness.

1. Pure laziness – This is a state that you Do NOT want to be in. People that are pure lazy do not care about their well being or people around them. They do not clean after themselves and their house smells like decomposing dead rats.

2. Work laziness – This state is actually cool to be in if money just rolls in. You still care about yourself and others. Your house is clean and you get to spend your time working on yourself instead of actual work for money.  Let others do the dirty work for you while you just collect the cash. 😉

So it can’t be just about laziness don’t you agree? You can be work-lazy and still make a good living online if you use your brain right. That gets us to another question…

Is it because you are not smart enough? – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how money is being made on the internet. Mostly it’s all about arbitrage. It’s the main foundation of every online business. They spend certain amount of money on their business and get more out of it. You don’t have to be smart like Einstein to make serious dough.

Even if you don’t know where to start you can do a lot of research yourself without spending any of your own money on products.

Not only that, but you’ve probably noticed that stupid people sometimes make more than the educated folks who are also trying the business.

I say that you can be dumb as a rock and still pull 6 figures while others are slaving away for years on their sites and don’t make squat.

Something is definitely not right but we are slowly getting closer to the answer.

Is it because you are broke? – Now I think we are getting somewhere. Money makes things very easy online. You can buy anything or anybody (everyone has their price). You need to see the full picture to understand it though, so I am going to give you an example.

Let’s say you got $10 million bucks sitting in your bank account (you inherited it from your parents) and you want to build your own highly profitable blog in a competitive space like internet marketing or the “make money” industry.

Do you know how easy it would be to fake your authority and make it look like you know what you are talking about? For example, you could run paid traffic campaigns that are actually losing money but you would only report your earnings and show people that you are the guy they need to follow. Set a budget of like $50k on losing campaigns just to make it look like you are a serious player.

Then buy ads on other people’s blogs in your niche and get hands-free traffic right from the start. Go and pay people to tweet your posts. All those high-end bloggers have a price and if you offer enough they will tweet your shit every single time.

Buy yourself a cool car and start blogging about how you are making all this cash and because of that you can afford all these great things.

OK, but you don’t want to write posts all the time, right? So get skilled writers who are already running a blog in your niche and pay them to post on yours. Now all of a sudden everybody notice you and because of all the activity Google gives you good rankings.

Traffic keeps flowing, your blog keeps growing, and everyone thinks you are a bad ass.

I believe that you could be a total loser and don’t know how to make money but with about $300k you could force your way into the niche and become an authority within 6 months.

Starting to see the picture yet?

But sometimes even people with money fail. They make bad decisions and it all falls apart for them. So I think that money can seriously increase your chance of success to like maybe 70% but it’s still possible that you could totally lose everything at the end.

So what is the magic bullet here? What can increase your chance to 100% so you can be like some of those people that whatever they touch turns into gold? Well, let’s answer another question that pops into my mind.

Is it because you are just not lucky enough? – Life is unfair. Some people do get lucky and get everything handed to them even though sometimes they don’t even deserve it. That’s just how it is and there is nothing you can do to change that. But does luck really influence anything? You might think it does, but I think that luck is just one way to become successful and doesn’t increase your chance overall.

Luck is just luck. It happens or doesn’t happen kinda like flipping a coin. So luck can make you successful but it doesn’t actually pave the way for you to become a success story if you know what I mean.

You are either in the group of lucky people who love everything about it, or you are on the side where people hate life and how unfair it is. There is nothing in between in my opinion.

So we are still not getting our chance of success increased to 100% because our luck might never even come. We need something more substantial and that gets us to the last question of this post…

Is it because you don’t have the right connections? – Now we are getting closer to the truth. I believe that connections are better than money in some situations. You have probably noticed that a lot of times the top bloggers share stuff with their followers not because it’s great content, but because they are friends with the person they are putting in the spotlight.

This not only holds back others who probably can contribute a lot more or better content but it also  creates this weird and fake climate in the entire industry.  Everyone is trying to be a suck-up because they know it’s the only way to get noticed.

The gatekeepers are shaping the web the way they want it to be not so it benefits others. I am probably going to piss some people off, but it’s the truth if you look at the whole picture from above.

All the stories you hear about instant overnight successes happen because of connections. In the IM industry for example if you happen to be good friends or family with one of the successful people, they can manufacture your success without you working too hard…or even being smart.

This is why you are still working hard (even smart) but can’t get anywhere. They are making sure you won’t succeed.

Connections is everything in this business. I am taking a longer route because I don’t want to owe anybody any favors. Maybe it’s because I am Polish. I am a born warrior who doesn’t give up. I am one of those people that you want to be on your side not against you. Partially it’s probably because I was born in very bad times in Poland during communism. While I was a baby in the 80s my parents were on the streets protesting against the government and demanding freedom. We won!

So anyway, now you know what ingredients you need for success. With the right funds and good connections your chance of success gets increased to almost 99%. The 1% still depends on you in some way because you can screw it all up if you choose so.

To sum it all up you need to become a suck-up in your industry if you want the success to come faster with the “guaranteed” tag on it. Eventually, you will have your own suck-ups too and it won’t feel as bad after that 😉

Don’t mistake suck-ups for followers. I think it’s important that we make this distinction here. A suck-up is somebody who keeps faking their kindness to get something in return and I can spot them from a mile away. Follower is someone who genuinely wants to learn from you or uses your knowledge to boost their own business or even life.

Anyway, I think that’s it for this post. It came out longer than expected but I think I made my point.


8 thoughts on “What It Takes To Be Successful Online

  1. Good morning Pawel, another great post, I love these types of posts, they educate and inform, but fun to read and still not the typical 500 word. ‘How to Be a better Writer’ post that you see regurgitated on some of the Gurus sites.

  2. Dude…i couldn’t agree more with this post. Before Panda i didn’t give a f@#k what anyone thought. Kissing ass was out the question coz i was doing good, since ranking was super easy then….but now, it’s another story i tell ya…lol. Panada and Penguin have totally changed the game. I just hope that being an internet marketer doesn’t get as bad as working a regular 9 to 5 (kissing too much butt). If Google has it’s way, we’ll all be looking for new hustles… (or maybe just become extreemly aggresive spammers instead because SEO is slowly being labled as spam by G anyway.)

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment Hillz. It’s a catch 22 with Google because to get natural links you need to get your content seen. If it’s not seen by other webmasters then you won’t get any links. On the other hand if you try to influence your rankings aggressively so people can notice it you will get penalized (even if your site has the best content for your keywords). Besides in this industry nobody wants to link to competing sites no matter how great their content is. Most people will just try to rewrite your stuff and rank themselves. Google Webspam team needs to learn about the “what’s in it for me” concept because most marketers do not link to others that compete against them.

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