What It Takes To Rank Well In Search Engines

Everyone wants front page placement for their sites but there are only 10 spots available on the front page of Google 🙂 To rank well in search engines nowadays you need 3 things: backlinks, content, and traffic that is not dependent on Google. There has to be activity on your site as well.

Backlinks are very important obviously, but now I see more and more weight being put on activity on your site and content. You want people to interact with your site and click through pages.You also want lots of relevant content to your main keyword phrase.

For example if I was going to rank a website for let’s say “kayaks for sale” I would first do some research on the content I am going to need that would make my site worth being ranked on front page of Google for that term.

Doing a search on Google for “kayaks for sale” I get these results:

Now I am going to take outdoorplay.com and find out what content I would need to create for my site. For that you can simply use Google Keyword Tool. So copy their domain name and paste it into GKT to see what keyword phrases I am going to need pages for.

Once you click the Get keyword ideas button Google will give you all the relevant groups of terms that you should be building your content around.

I took a screenshot here for the first top 3 groups only:

So now Google basically told me what content I need 🙂

Now, I am going to outsource my content creation and concentrate on getting traffic while slowly building backlinks to the site. Notice that I put the link building at the end. The reason for that is that you don’t want to start building links on massive scale to your site without having the content that is needed to rank for your main keyword phrase. If you do that you most likely are going to get slapped.

You need to start driving some traffic to the site that is not dependent on Google. The reason for that is because when people start searching for your site and they can’t find it then it makes Google look bad, so your rankings will go up.

Obviously backlinks still is the most important factor though. You need a link building campaign to get your site ranked, but without the content and traffic it will be very difficult to do if not impossible.


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