What Would You Do With $2.89 Billion That Google Made In Q4 2012?

Google generated about $2.89 billion dollars in net revenue in fourth quarter of 2012. They just keep making more and more. In the last quarter of 2011 they made only 2.71 billion so I am sure they feel pretty good about the extra $180 million 😉 – get more details here.

That’s a lot of money!

I wish I had invested in Google stocks early in the game to be honest with you despite the fact that sometimes Google really gets under my skin. But it’s a business and I am pretty sure that if any of us was running it we would want to maximize the revenue as well…am I right?

Just to show you what 1 billion dollars look like check this out:

You can check out more images like that here

So anyway, I thought I would have some fun and write a post about how I could spend this money as fast as possible.

Let’s say I got $2.89 billion in a bank at my disposal. Nice!!!

Step 1 – First, I would buy myself a super cool home. Actually it would be a freaking palace. I was looking around and found this:


What you are looking at is the Villa Leopolda in France. It has awesome views of the sea, 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and 29,000 square feet of space.  Not bad…I like it!

Bill Gates was staying there if I am not mistaken. I would rent it out too a few times a year so I could make some nice chunk of money back over time.

Price? Just $506 million…I got $2.89 billion so no problem! I can buy it outright for cash…great

Step 2 – Now I need a private plane. It has to be something big and luxurious. I want to be able to host private parties on my plane…you feel me?

Also, if I ever met the president in person I would like to be able to say to him that I got a better plane than he does!

So I started searching for the perfect plane that would fulfill my needs. After researching this for a long time (exactly 0.29 seconds – thanks Google!) I think I found what I was looking for.

Introducing the luxurious A380 private jet…this thing is insane!

It has an on-board garage, steam room, concert hall, and even an elevator between the 3 floors. If you want more information you can read this article.

That’s perfect! I could fly in this thing from my Villa in France to US anytime I want. I would rent it out too to keep the cash flow coming of course. I bet the parties I would throw in that plane would be famous:)

Cost – Only about $455 Million…I can handle that, no biggie!

Step 3 – OK, I also want a nice luxurious yacht.  I love sailing so I figured I would have to find something unique.

It took me a while actually to find something I really liked, but I found it. It’s a beast!

Check this baby out:

It has a lot of open space, main dining room, saloon, awesome cabins, and it even has a little submarine on-board if you ever get bored and want to explore the deep!

It’s called Maltese Falcon and she is a beauty. If you just want to test it out before buying the yacht can be chartered for only $607,000 per week.

Price to pay – $166 million…chump change! Just tell me where to wire the money.

So now I am a pretty happy dude. Got an awesome house, cool plane (better than president’s plane), and a yacht that ladies would go crazy over 🙂

I have spent a total of $1 billion and $127 million so far. I still got $1 billion and $763 million left…hmm

How can I spend this money even faster?

Step 4 – Well, I always wanted to do some good in the world, so I thought that maybe I could help out hungry people and feed them for a day.

According to FAO.org the number of hungry people in the world was about 870 million between 2010-and 2012. Damn! How can this be?

It would be cool to go down in history as the man who fed the world for a day…don’t you think?

So I started researching cheapest meals that I could buy in bulk for 870 million people and guess what I found.?

The Hungry Man Dinners!!

If they are on sale you can get them for about $2 bucks each. I bet that if I was buying 870 million items I could probably get the price even lower, but let’s just say I am going to pay $2 for every meal.

So to feed 870 million folks who are really hungry I would spend about $1.74 billion! OK, let’s do that.

What about the remaining $23 million?

I would probably invest 10 million of it in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. The rest of the money I think I would keep in the bank in case of an emergency.

As you can see that $2.89 billion could be spent pretty quick. Just feel bad for the poor people who always get the short end of the stick.

But that’s just one scenario.

Scenario #2 – Risk your life by trying to make a change in the World. Travel to countries that need the most help and educate them for free about the economy and possibilities. Open their eyes and show them how they can make their lives better. Give free internet access etc.

Problem – You would probably end up getting shot by those who control those areas and don’t want the local people to know what it means to be free and work for themselves.

How would you spend all that cash?


7 thoughts on “What Would You Do With $2.89 Billion That Google Made In Q4 2012?

  1. I will go for the #2 senario 🙂 Even though I can be killed by some people there. I just don’t care. I want to travel to anywhere in the world and help people in need. It may because I got some serious diseases that I couldn’t feel better during these 2 years. I want to step out to the world, do what I must do and you know, die as a hero (just a wish :D)

  2. $2.89 billion can definitely go a long way and help out a lot of people for sure. The most challenging thing to do I think would be to not get corrupted yourself having all that money.

  3. Great post, me personally I would like to do 1 of 2 things, 1) help out some of the less fortunate countries by building hospitals, schools and supply farming equipment to remote areas and give some people the chance and right to survive and live a happy life or

  4. Hi Pawel yes I know exactly what you are saying, my trust in banks is at an all time low, just seen the news, the Government pumped 20 billion UK pounds into one bank alone so I think donating to poorer economies will now be my choice. 🙂

  5. You would earn more expending 2.9 billion in Scenario #2 than Scenario #1. It is more grateful to know that you saved a life, educated people, than living in luxury.

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