What’s The Point?

Long time ago I decided that I wanted to build quality authority sites and give Google exactly what they craved –good quality content.

I believed that it was the only way to build a stable long term income. It also made me feel good that I was able to provide value with my sites while making money along the way. I thought that by doing this I could outperform thin affiliate sites and other competitors because I had what they didn’t – good quality content.

Now I don’t feel so good anymore because Google’s recent changes opened up Negative SEO opportunities.

As you may know Google penalized my blog recently because of unnatural links. I have already expressed my opinion about that in my previous post here. I have tried to submit reconsideration request but I think I am talking to robots over there, so it’s pointless to even continue trying to defend myself.

Hopefully this penalty will go away soon, but that still doesn’t solve the main problem which is Negative SEO.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that creating an authority site is the way to go but it could be extremely hard to establish yourself if you get on your competitor’s radar too soon. Think about it, if you rank on the front page for a highly competitive keyword and you spot a website climbing up in the ranks that threatens your dominance, what are you going to do?

Before all the recent changes you would pull up your sleeves and go to work on your content. You would work hard to make your site the best and keep adding value for the end user.

Now though it might be cheaper and cost effective to simply hire an experienced spammer to take them out.  What the hell is Google thinking?

You don’t think that Negative SEO is real? Think again my friend…check this out

It’s a post someone made over at TrafficPlanet.com forum (I took a screenshot in case it gets deleted). You can read the full post here.

How do you feel about that?

The fact that something like this is possible makes me sick. Basically the guy that owns that site is losing his “baby” as Matt Cutts would call it, so what’s the point of building one?

Here is the video where Matt Cutts talks about Microsites and why it’s usually not a good idea to build them. In his opinion you should build a bigger authority site in your niche because that way you will put more effort into making it the best it can be. (I agree with that)

The problem with that concept now is that it’s getting very risky to build one of these quality sites. Why in the hell would you spend months and months, or even years creating something that you are proud of if it only takes one a**hole to destroy everything you have worked hard for?

It actually makes more sense to build tons of little niche sites and spam them to the top because even if some of them get hit/slapped you can just quickly pump up new ones.

You are taking less risk doing that than pouring your heart out into building something bigger that could last.

I wonder why Google tells us one thing but forces us to do the opposite?

– They want us to create high quality content but then allow scraper sites to profit from it.

– They want us to create high quality content but then allow Negative SEO

WTF?! Why Google keeps lying to us?

Ask yourself this: Who benefited the most from Google’s recent changes?  The answer is big brands and spammers who can put out small little niche sites faster than I can write a blog post.

I was reading some threads on Google’s Webmaster Forum for the past few days and I am seriously worried. Not only you can’t get any help over there but they will also label you as spammer without any proof whatsoever.

For example, the person who has fallen a victim of the Negative SEO case study mentioned above started a thread over at Google’s Forum.

Here is the link to the thread

Here are some of the responses he received:

Hi there Stevie! How about you stop using that Pepsi/Coke example in all your posts. I just did a simple search on Google and found 7 of your recent posts with basically the same answer! Of course nobody could get Pepsi.com penalized. We all know that! But pointing a few hundred thousand links to justgoodcars.com was enough. Don’t you get it?

Here is another member of the forum who believes in unicorns

This Lysis character provides absolutely no value. So according to him, if someone sends 500k links at my site I am supposed to go and contact them all to remove those links? Are you kidding me?

As you can imagine this Negative SEO stuff is getting serious. Webmasters will go to war with each other instead of concentrating on putting out quality content that Google supposedly loves.

One solution that Google could provide is to allow us to discount the low quality links right from our Google Webmaster Tools account. If you see something shady going on you could simply login, select all those bad links, and click “Don’t Count”.

All I know is that if Google doesn’t do something the quality of search results pages will go down with time. People will live in fear constantly watching their back and hope that someone isn’t trying to kill their business.

I don’t know about you but I sure don’t want to operate in that kind of environment.


14 thoughts on “What’s The Point?

  1. I read that thread on TP and it made me feel angry but also disappointed at the same time that Google makes things like this possible. On the bright side, if my sites drop I will use Negative SEO to get all my competitors out of there too. If I can’t have the top spot nobody can!

  2. Unfortunately we live in a world where we’re always going to have to worry about crap like this. This kind of thing just highlights the value of building a list of subscribers.

  3. You are right, building a list should be a priority. Google cares about the big guys spending money, but if every time you make a search and get nothing but links to big brands then I think the quality will go down.

  4. If the quality goes down people can and often do “vote with their feet.” Keep in mind though that people involved in IM see whats happening. The majority who use google for the occasional search have no clue and could probably care less.

  5. As an internet marketer, I find the way things are going frustrating and scary. As someone who uses the internet for research, I can’t believe how hard a time a have finding the information I’m looking for. I get SO tired of wading through crap after crap site and it’s getting worse all the time. I think Google is ruining/has ruined the internet.

  6. But that negative seo campaign could have been done before the Google updates and it still would have had the desired affect. If links are a measure of ranking they can be manipulated for good or bad. The only thing that seems to have changed is that Google have admitted that negative seo is real. Any serious black hatters or negative seoers would already have known that from their work/testing.

  7. Another great post Pawel, unfortunately we are seeing that side of human nature we hoped would not infest the internet. Throughout history man has never played fair, the ‘if I can’t have it, no one can have it’ mentality ruins it for the good guys.

  8. Well I don’t know what to say but I will share my opinion regarding SEO today and Big issue that is happening to webmaster’s and in general to all of us who is trying to make a living online having niche sites ranked onto first page of Google and earning nice affiliate commission honestly I think that white hat SEO will be out of business soon , Google still penalizing sites for any what-hat method you use, Google just prove that to me for one moth old site that get penalty for “unnatural link building” I purchased brand new domain a month ago I added high quality and unique content 1400 word’s and I didn’t optimize site for SEO just add content, title and some cool images relative to my niche to make readers more focused on my site I created 50 bookmarks using 20 different kw as anchor text including “click here” and straight site domain, to make it as natural as possible as well I pinged my site,after 4 days Google index my site I could find it at serps when I type my domain that Google cached my page, since then I haven’t build any links to this site week later typing my site domain I could find social bookmark’s with the links point back to my site indexed at Google, but something happen, when I type my domain I couldn’t find domain on serp like before I let it 2 days go by and I check it again and it’s same thing when I type domain I couldn’t find Google cached for my site like it was before,so to make sure I added domain to Google webmaster tool and I confirmed my site I was shocked when I saw message – Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links to Mysite So Google penalize my new site just posting social bookmarks with the links back to my site ! That’s tell me that no matter what type of white hat link building you use you are going to be penalized for “unnatural links” that’s Not all Google penalized another my site last week, site is 8 month old has PR 3 it was ranked #6 onto first page of Google for competitive kw I only used white hat link building, last week I saw that my site ranking to be at #6 drop all the way to page 11, I also received message in my webmaster account for that site to: Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links to Mysite

  9. Pawel, after reading your article i wrote to Chris Crum of webpronews.com an iEntry company and i sent him a link to this site.. (see proof – http://ow.ly/i/zYYf) I see he’s now raised a topic without any reference to your site..

  10. Pawel – you don’t need Google. You have an excellent resource here that earned it’s own reputation from what PEOPLE think about it – not what a currently-whack computer algo thinks of it.

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