Why Outsource Your Video Production

I’m an old timer on the internet and I remember back when audio was the thing to have on your website. Everybody had audio and there were even courses about how to put audio on your website.  Those days are gone now and audio has been replaced by video.


According to recent surveys:

– Today more people use the internet to find products/services than any other media including the phone book.

– 64% of consumers have taken action after seeing an online video.

– 78% feel such ads provide as much or more of an opportunity to learn about a product or service than television.

– Online ads result in 32 % of viewers describing the featured brand as innovative, 32 % as creative, and 30 % as fun.

– Video generates 72% more sales than print.

– Consumers are 3 times more likely to replay footage than they are to even click on a standard banner advertisement.

Unlike television commercials that interrupt what a person is interested in, with online footage people are looking for information when they find you, so they actually want to see what you have to offer! And having an online footage will separate you from the competition!

So video marketing is not just another form of advertising. Visual exposure will guarantee you a profitable return!

Now I’m going to go over the styles of video that can hurt your sales:

Cheesy Videos (Ha Ha You Can’t Be Serious?)

I’m sure you’ve seen these kinds of videos right? Somebody just collects a bunch of low quality images off the web, slaps background music on it and maybe some low quality voice over from a $29.00 microphone. Videos made by Animoto and such automatic software fall into this category too. It’s important that your video is entertaining, unique and stands out!

Three things happen when you “make your own”.

1 – Most people don’t even watch it because it’s not interesting.

2 – Those who do watch the “homemade” video don’t take the information seriously.

3 – You actually lose sales because of the before mentioned.

Talking video with text: (This style can hurt you more than it helps)

The gurus current take on video is “just do a video with voice and text”.

This approach can hurt you if:

1 – You don’t have a quality microphone and studio.

2 – If you’re not a smooth talker. For some reason the average guy/gal looks at the gurus, and thinks “people buy stuff from them so if I just talk and put text on a video they will buy stuff from me too.”

The gurus have the majority of people fooled and have sold them on the idea that if the text style of video works for gurus, it will work for you too……..how about a reality check please!

The text style video works ONLY for smooth talkers. People want to hear someone that sounds smarter than the average guy, not somebody that sounds average or below average. Wake up marketers!

I know some really knowledgeable marketers whom just don’t have a good personality for proper presentation. If you’re one of those people, it’s not your fault….it is what it is.

If you’re going to make this type of video, at least hire a professional voice over.

Three things can happen when you “text/voice style it”.

1 – Most people don’t even watch it because it’s not interesting.

2 – Those who do watch the “text style” video don’t take the information seriously if the person speaking doesn’t sound good.

3 – You actually lose sales because of the before mentioned.

I need to cut to the chase, because I’m busy making videos :0) so here it is:

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a quality video with a professional voice over. If you don’t go too fancy, you can get a great video for a few hundred dollars.

Take a look at the videos I’ve created for clients at: Rightchoicevideos.com

If you don’t see something you like, just email us at: info@rightchoicevideos.com

Author Bio: Dean Fischer is a video expert specializing in creating dynamic promotional videos for businesses and marketers.


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