Why You Probably Won’t Be Successful Online

Today I want to talk about something very important that I think a lot of people totally ignore or don’t realize it’s happening to them.

Everyone wants to make money online but not everyone is cut out for it. This is why you constantly see people failing and complaining they can’t make things happen. They fail on first trial and then go on saying that all this internet marketing is a scam and only top people can do it.

Stop lying to yourself and just accept the fact that you didn’t even try hard enough. Sure there are shady offers and even scams out there but for Christ’s sake use your common sense to avoid it.

If someone tells you can make a lot of money fast with a click of a button you should just laugh and walk away from it. Don’t try to reason with yourself that maybe just maybe it might work lol It won’t!!

100% of automated systems that I have seen claiming to make you money with a push of a button are based on spamming other bigger sites like Google, Youtube, Facebook, or whatever else. If you want to spam at least do it the smart way. Automated systems can’t replicate a human brain. You can automate some things but it won’t work if thousands of other marketers are using the same tool. A smart spammer creates his own 😉

There are also good info products out there that can save you a ton of research hours. They can guide you in the right direction. Info marketers are not all scammers.

A lot of the information being sold is freely available online, but do you want to spend tens of hours researching it (or hundreds) or would you rather hire someone to do the research for you?

That’s what product creators do, they do the research for you and deliver it in a way so you can just consume what’s important and get to work…”work” is the key word. Especially if the person selling the info actually has done it himself, got results, and knows ins and outs of the business.

But majority of you wannabes don’t do shit with it and even if you do for a week and fail you quickly jump into something else.

You are sabotaging your own success.

You won’t be successful online…

If you keep shopping instead of investing – Whenever you are buying a product online you are shopping. Don’t confuse it with investing. I know that marketers says stuff like this “Invest in yourself…” (I have done it myself) but the reality is that you are just a shopper who likes to spend money all the time on stuff that you won’t even try to use. You are blinded but the easy money that it promises and that’s the only motive you have for whiping out your credit card.

You know when you are investing? You are investing when you are spending money on a design of your sites, or landing pages. You are investing when you are buying traffic to get data and convert it into sales. You are investing when you are creating something of your own!

The only way you can call buying a product an investment is when you are already doing the very same thing it teaches and you are getting results. You are buying it to help you scale it or get better results. That’s when you can say that you are making an investment.

If you are procrastinating – Procrastination is your worst enemy if you want to build a business. Stop making excuses or putting stuff away for a later date. Do it today.

You need to force yourself to actually do stuff sometimes. Imagine a boss standing over you yelling if you have to. Here is what’s funny about all this. When you don’t want to do something or you just don’t feel like it nothing gets done and you lose. But if you make yourself work for at least first 5 minutes you forget about all that and now you are in a trance working and it’s not so bad after all.

So maybe your goal should be to just start it and see how it goes, but don’t put it away.

If you don’t have a plan – You need to plan out your business and how you are going to get where you want to be. If you do things spontaneously you probably won’t get very far in business. You have to have a clear vision and know how and why you are going to do the things that you plan on doing.

Don’t throw shit against the wall hoping that some of it might stick. Most of the time none of it sticks or falls down after a while anyway when it dries out. Try it for real 😉

Sit down and write down all the projects you want to do. Prioritize them so you do things that can put money in your pocket fast and then later the ones that require more time and more capital.

Whatever you do don’t do all of them at once!

If you have a lack of focus – Focus is one of the key ingredients. I think it’s one of my strongest abilities. There is a reason why I was bad ass in math and could solve problems quickly. I used to tutor students in calculus and differential equations.

I would just look at the problem and forget about the world until that problem was solved. There could be a f*#$ earthquake or a tsunami coming and I would just not even pay attention until I get that problem resolved and if I couldn’t I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

That’s the kind of focus you need. In real life scenarios extreme focus like that can be dangerous and I have had problems of my own because of that. But I can tell you one thing. Once I am set on getting something done I am like a locomotive that cannot be stopped.

If you jump from one biz opp to another – I know the process. At one point in time I got stuck in it too for a short period of time but I am glad I quickly realized what was happening. Network marketing industry is known for this type of behavior. People get in to one opportunity and then something new comes along 2 months later and they jump hoping that finally they found the real deal. Then the process repeats itself all over again. They are addicted to the buzz not the opportunity itself. You can’t help them in most cases. They’ve been doomed before they even began trying.

Same with people who buy new IM products all the time. There could be 100 Salty Droid blogs out there and legit reviews saying that a product is a scam and those people will still buy it no matter what.

They can’t get that destructive thought out of their head “What if it works and I can make money by tomorrow clicking a few buttons?”

You could force them not to buy it but when you are not looking at 3:00 AM they will secretly get up and charge their card for another $37 lol

This is why a lot of shady Clickbank marketers don’t really care about what others say about them or that someone is calling them out on their scam. They know that there are always going to be people who will buy their crap.

If you are too sensitive – You can’t please everyone. Value is relative. You could create a killer product that truly helps people get on the right path or automates something and you will still get refunds. There are always people who will not like what you are doing or talk bad about you because they don’t like your face….or are jealous of your success. It does happen!

Shoot for 96% satisfaction and forget about the other 4% who complain about everything and everyone.  If you ask them “how is it going?” their answer is usually something like this “Ah you know this this and that..”. You never get a short answer from them. They could have a winning lottery ticket in their hand and still complain about something.

If you asked me how is it going even when I was not doing so good I would say “Great!”.

You can’t let stuff like that get to you when you are trying to build a business. As long as you are providing value and not ripping people off then just keep on going.

What’s interesting to me is that when you buy a product from a big store like Walmart even if it’s crap you probably won’t go back to request a refund. I have bought shit products from Walmart before and I don’t remember if I ever got a refund for it. Maybe it’s because you know it doesn’t matter and because Walmart is a faceless corporation.

But if you buy a product directly from the person who created it the probability of you getting a refund is much much higher.  Funny how that works.

If you are not persistent – You are not going to hit a home run on your first try. You are probably going to fail 10 times before striking gold. That’s just the way it is. If you don’t have the drive to keep going after your dreams then you are probably not cut out for this business and you should just keep working for someone else all your life.

That’s the reality. I would rather keep on trying all my life than give up after 2-3 failures because then I can say I never gave up, but you will keep asking yourself 20 years from now “what if I kept working on my business? Where would I be now?”  …working on your business doesn’t mean quitting your day job and risking everything. You can do and should do both when starting out.

If you don’t have money – I left this one for last but I think it’s probably the biggest reason why the failure rate is sooo big. It takes money to make money no matter how you look at it. Do you watch SharkTank? There is a reason why people need the sharks to succeed. They got the connections but they wouldn’t have them without money. It always has been and will be about money.

You need cash to jump start something worth while. You need cash to create things and market it even if it’s a simple WordPress blog. Without money you are going to keep hitting your head against the wall.

Internet marketing “gurus” usually want you to think that you can start with $0 and have thousands by the end of the month.  You need money to run a business. (I spent $16.65 just to make this post…the istock image was 10 credits lol)

If you don’t have some kind of capital then go get a second job and save everything you make there for 6 months. Then come up with a plan and do it.  You can also use “other people’s money” but you need to be confident that what you are doing has a high chance of success.

The worst thing you can do is spend that money on coaching of some sort or expensive courses. Don’t! Not at the beginning at least. That money should go into product development or real marketing (like buying traffic etc.).

Anyway,  that’s it for this post.


13 thoughts on “Why You Probably Won’t Be Successful Online

  1. Dam bro, if you paid 17$ for that picture at the top of this post you got ripped off bad!! I think a photo of that size would be like one, or two credits at most, which is about 1-2$.

  2. It’s not really a rant, but I guess one can interpret it that way. It does sound like one 🙂 but it’s the truth. I have gotten emails from people who asked why they are not making money with their sites and when I ask them to give me a link so I can see they point me to some cookie cutter bullsh*t template with spun or auto scraped content. They actually believe it’s going to work. None of them have actually sat down and wrote a single piece of content that was worth something or was longer than 500 words. I have written posts that took me a day or 2 to finish. I have a site in a niche I don’t know much about besides how to sell ads but I have an expert who takes care of the content and writes in a way that gets people to come back. There are no shortcuts for crying out loud!

  3. Hi Pawel, Awesome post again, straight to the point and very true. Too many people have got into the mindset that making money online doesn’t require any work, they don’t realise that everything whether it is online or offline is usually very labour and time intensive at the start to get it rolling. Pushing a boulder is very hard, but once it starts rolling and the momentum builds up it gets easier. People need to realise that. Myself included at times lol. I shall share on this post. Cheers.

  4. Hi Pawel. Great post, one of my favourite of yours. You have NOT glossed over why some people won’t be successful. You have explained it as it needed to be said; straight to the point with different subheadings and each one is so true. Very motivational and I hope it gets read by a lot of people!

  5. Wow, blunt and straight to the point. I like it, I agree and can totally relate. I think every WSO or make money product should have this post as a READMEFIRST.txt

  6. If you don’t see any results that you want, never give up, attempt again! Both persistence and focus are most important elements to success any online businesses. The success just one step away, who know….

  7. Before I started to succeed, I was guilty of all of the above. Taking massive action and building up is key. Find a product you KNOW is a hot-seller and pour everything you got into it.

  8. I have just started out,literally days ago,on trying to write a blog about coping with post traumatic stress disorder, Adult ADHD and General Anxiety Disorder. My concern is how I will be able to make money with my blog. Do I try and refer. The readers to other sites that sell things like books or what have you? Or is it best to try and come up my own course or product to sell? I want this to work long for the long term and help cope with what I deal With on a day to day bases but I also want to make this my career and support my family doing it. Any suggestions or could you point me in the right direction for a total newbie like me? I have the time and passion I just need to know where and how to apply it

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