WOW Trk Affiliate Network Review

Looking for some hot new CPA/CPL offers? Check out WOW Trk affiliate network. They are based out of UK but have lots of international offers you can promote. Their network is growing steady and so far they have signed up over 3000 affiliates.

WOW Trk was started in 2007. They seem very transparent and have an actual working phone number and current address listed on this page.

Always make sure to you can reach someone over the phone before joining an affiliate network. There are too many shady networks out there these days so make sure you can actually talk to someone in case you need help once you start driving traffic.

WOW Trk uses HasOffers tracking platform. The user interface looks really nice and slick..

The first thing you should do after joining their network is contact your affiliate manager. Your manager will be listed on the left sidebar in your account.

I strongly suggest you to shoot them an email and ask which offers convert well for other affiliates before you do anything on your own.

WOW Trk Offers

At the time of writing this review they had over 400 offers to choose from.

You can choose to browse by Country or Category by simply selecting the option you want. Right now they have 12 Categories listed.

Biz Opps Prize Draws Incentives Finance
Gambling Deals & Discounts Surveys Insurance
Telecoms Freebies Pin Submits /SMS Trials

When you click on any of the offers you have many different options to choose from after you are approved to run it.

Everything is nicely laid out and clean so it’s easy to understand.

For example:

On the offer page you can clearly see your affiliate link. You can also shorten it by selecting “Generate TinyUrl” option.

You can also add “Affiliate Source” which would be your traffic source. It allows you to group stats in your reports based on your different traffic sources.

WOW Trk allows for pixel tracking which is pretty much standard option on any network these days. To add your tracking pixel you can simply click on “Add New Pixel” on the offer page then copy and paste your code (from Propser202 for example).

They also offer some great tools for their affiliates. WOW Trk has their own WordPress plugin that allows you to stream ads directly to your blog. You can check it out here.

You might also want to check out their Offer Feed widget. You can customize it to show only offers you like and the simply generate the code needed to display them right on your website or blog.

WOW Trk also provides browser extensions and android App so you don’t have to login to your account every time you want to check your stats.

They have an extension for Firefox and Chrome. It’s similar to the one that Google Adsense offers for their publishers.

After you install it on Chrome you will notice a small icon at the top of the browser that you can hover on and check your stats on the fly.

It will look like this:

To use this feature you need their API key which you can obtain instantly right from your account by clicking on “APIs” tab under “Tools” section.

Most of their offers are “Pay per lead” but you will also find plenty of “Pey per sale” offers as well.

If you are promoting gambling offers then you should definitely check them out because I have found quite a few of them on WOW trk with some nice payouts.


When you join WOW Trk you start out on Net-30 payout option. Basically it means that you will get paid 30 days after the month ends.

Once you start making some money with them you can request to get it switched to Net-15 and get paid bi-weekly or weekly if you make more than $5,000 per week.

They also offer Paypal payment option which is always nice.


WOW trk is great network to get involved with. If you are looking for pay per lead offers you are going to like what they offer. They are gaining popularity and from what I can tell by reading other reviews, people are getting paid on time which is an important thing to know in this business.

The fact that they are located outside of US makes it attractive too because now it’s up to you if you want to report that income or not (depending on how much you make of course).

They are responsive so if you have a question or problem I am sure your affiliate manager will help you out.

The only thing that I didn’t like so much was that you need to make $5k per week to get paid weekly. I would like to see them offer payouts every 3-4 days by wire if you make at least $2k per week. It would be much more attractive and probably would explode their network.  Affiliates need funds to keep running their campaigns. It sucks when you run out of money to keep your stuff running and then waiting 30 days to get paid. The quicker you can get your affiliates paid the more traffic they can send.

Other than that it looks like a solid affiliate network.


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