Yahoo And Bing Merger Is Here – Get Ready

    If you are an advertiser using Yahoo Search Marketing then you probably have gotten the email about Yahoo – Bing merger happening right now. Yahoo told their advertisers to initiate the transition of their accounts to Adcenter. You should see that option as soon as you login to your Yahoo advertising account. For right now you can just transfer your campaigns conveniently with one click, but you still need to maintain your campaigns within Yahoo. The full transition should be completed by the end of October that’s when Yahoo will move search serving to Bing.

    I think this is awesome! Google needs a competitor really bad. I also think that there are going to be HUGE opportunities when the transition is completed so please make sure you pay close attention and watch what happens. According to Yahoo’s advertising blog you will be able to reach over 159 million searchers in the US alone.

    This is good for business and I can’t wait to test it out when it’s ready to roll.  I imagine this is going to attract a lot of Adwords advertisers as well, so Google will need to step up their game here soon or else :)

    Bing for one thing has awesome customer support. You can actually call them and get someone to answer your questions. If they keep this up then Google is going to have a tough nut to crack.

    Also guys, make sure to test out their content network as soon as they go live with this monster. Could be a total goldmine in early stages :)


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    1. I can’t wait for this to happen. When you transition your account right now you have to becareful cause Bing will automatically start running your campaigns that you have transferred.

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