Your First Digital Product – How To Sell It

So you have developed your first digital product, wrote the sales letter and now you need to accept payments. Well, there are many options available, but I want to talk about the ones that would be most beneficial for you.

First of all, you want to be able to accept Paypal and you want to run an affiliate program for your product. This is crucial, because leverage that affiliates provide is key to success in the information product marketing. You also want to automate the entire process, so the product is instantly delivered to your customer. Your product should also be protected. There are thieves out there that will share your product with others who didn’t buy it. You actually can’t protect yourself 100% against that because it’s just impossible, but you can minimize the risk of course.

You also want to accept credit cards. Paypal actually does accept credit cards but there are other solutions available. Some people don’t like Paypal so you want to keep that in mind.

Here are a few options that you should consider.

1. Clickbank – Selling through Clickbank is easy and provide instant leverage because of their affiliate base. I highly recommend that you sell your first product through CB. To list your product with them all you need to do is sign up for a vendor account and submit your product for approval. Once they approve it you can start selling. Cool thing about Clickbank is that they accept all major credit cards and Paypal. They also automate refunds which is great for your first product.

Once your product gets listed in the CB marketplace it will attract affiliates who will sell it for you. Obviously you need a great sales letter and make sure your product converts well. It’s also important that you provide tools for your affiliates to promote your product such as banners, text ads, email copy, forum signatures, or even landing pages. The more tools you provide the better because affiliates are lazy and want everything done for them ๐Ÿ™‚

You should protect your thank you pages and the best software for Clickbank is DLGuard by Sam Stephens (highly recommended)

2. RapBank – This is a cool network that allows your affiliates to get instant commission by Paypal. It’s great for list building. You can develop low price products such as $7 reports and have others promote it so they can get paid 100% commission and you build a list of buyers. The only down side of this is that you need to purchase RAP software to run this affiliate program.

3. Paydotcom – Another network similar to Clickbank. It’s owned by Mike Filsaime. It accepts Paypal and has an existing affiliate base. By the way DLGuard also works with Paydotcom. PDC still has ways to go though. It used to be very slow and the downside is that you are responsible for refunds and affiliate payouts. A lot of affiliates do not like this because there have been vendors that didn’t pay affiliates their commission and the word got out so now people are very careful about promoting PDC products.

Those 3 options are probably the best when you are first starting out because it’s cheap to get started and you have instant access to affiliates and full system to process payments. Once you have more products and you got a steady cashflow then you should definitely look into other much more powerful options. There are many other 3rd party systems and self hosted solutions that are much better than the ones listed here. But to sell your first info product you should definitely start with the ones I suggested.


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  1. I agree protect your thank you pages they are Gold especially if you have a high converting offer. I prefer Clickbank just because of the sheer number of affiliates at your fingertips. Good post, Jay!

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