Youtube Best Marketing Tool Ever

Youtube has become a phenomenon in the last 2 years. Recently it became the second most popular search engine which is quite amazing. People don’t realize how powerful making videos can be but a lot of them are waking up and starting to undertstand the huge potential.

What’s cool about Youtube is that your video can go viral and get you massive exposure very fast. Lately I have seen some people become instant celebrities overnight with a single stupid video. There is no other medium out there that can get you so much exposure so fast and it’s FREE!

Here are couple of examples.

Tedd Williams who was a homeless person just a few days ago now is a celebrity who just signed a 2 year contract with Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena according to FOX News. He marketed himself on the streets and someone noticed it, made a video and there he is.

Gary Brolsma (the numa numa kid LOL) made a stupid video lip singing to some Moldavian song. The video made him a superstar and he went on to make his own website and create more videos $$$

I hope you are seeing the unlimited potential of Youtube because you could seriously crush it if you actually put some thought into it. You can build an entire business around Youtube by simply putting out content and getting the viewers to become subscribers, visit your site etc.

I posted about making money with Youtube back in August. In that short post I talked about a method which I think is the best way to build community sites.  Just create forums and create videos to drive traffic to your forums. It’s such a cool way to build a list and obviously the bigger your community is the more money you can potentially make.

Everyone no matter where you live or what your background is can make videos and attract viewers instantly.

So what is the trick to making your videos go viral and just attract lots of viewers?  Something that is just funny doesn’t cut it anymore. It has to be funny on massive scale. Videos that provide lots of value and engage your viewers are also great, but you should target niches that are HUGE mainstream markets. Scalability is an important factor so keep that in mind.

So let me give you an example here. Let say you are pationate about breeding dogs. You could create a forum around that and just pump out videos showing your dogs, giving some tips etc. Under each video and inside your video you would ask the viewers to rate your content and join your forum. After you have some videos that generated thousands of views your forum could get massive. How do you make money with a forum? Offer services, sell your products, promote other people’s products,  get it?

The best part about this business model is that it’s not going to cost you anything besides some of the obvious stuff like camera, lightening, domain name, hosting etc.

If you are looking for something to do in 2011 that could change your current situation then you should definitely consider marketing yourself or your business with Youtube.


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