Youtube Cash Cow – how to make money with Youtube

So how do you make money with Youtube? I am sure some of you already tried many different ways. There are all kinds of courses trying to teach you how to cash in on this video marketing trend. The most common way to is to create a video that gets lots of views and then have a link in the video description to a product you are promoting right? I found this method not as effective actually. People that go to youtube usually don’t plan on spending money, they are there to watch some videos.

There is much better way to make some nice income from youtube and only a few people are secretly doing it. The trick is to create interesting videos in your niche and then build a community site where your viewers that are interested in your topic can interact with each other.

For example, is successfully using this method and probably laughing all the way to the bank. It’s a community site with over 70,000 members and growing. Where do you think the big chunk of members came from? Youtube!

They create nice viral videos to get people to their membership site that is completely free to join. Check out this Piranha vs Stingray video (if you are sensitive don’t watch it). The video has over 260k views and their account is loaded with 288 videos. Notice how the video has their domain name in the title and there is a link in the description directly to the thread about this video to automatically get the viewers engaged lol clever!

This works in any niche by the way. The trick is to create a free membership site or a forum where people can register. Do you think you could make money with 70,000 members in your niche? You bet you could. This is probably the best way to profit from Youtube because this way you are building trust and relationship with them and later down the road you can sell them a lot of stuff for sure.


13 thoughts on “Youtube Cash Cow – how to make money with Youtube

  1. Hey great post. I am working on something similar right now too. We run a forum in a niche with lots of passionate people and we are about to roll out a big youtube campaign soon. Should be interesting haha

  2. lol that video was crazy by the way. I think that stingray was dead wasn’t it? Anyway, this is an awesome strategy to build a list. I want to launch a site like that in the fitness niche.

  3. hmm this is very good idea. Build a community site first and then try to monetize it instead of promoting affiliate products right off the bat. I have a forum on my site that is actually quite active. I can see how I can easily double my membership base with this.

  4. We have been using the exact same system to build lists in many niche markets. You only need one viral video and your list could explode lol

  5. Hi, This is a very interesting tutorial because it points directly to the common thinking of most people working Online. You show here the other way around and even if I am inexperienced, I am going to save your post on my computer. I can not say the same about the video(it was disgusting!).

  6. Great post Pawel. I have tried using Youtube before to promote CPA offers with some success, but this method makes so much more sense. Thanks

  7. Very imaginative post; but, like Deborah, I feel like I could have been the stingray!!! WAAAAY over my head. Thank you for your time. David H.

  8. Very great and interesting post. I enjoyed watching the video LOL… I’ve been doing some research on system to build list. Thanks for this idea.

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